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2018 Radio Western Referendum FAQs

Have you heard about the upcoming Referendum? Not sure what it means or what it's all about? Well that's alright, we get it, and that's why we've got the most important info right here for everyone to review.

Before we get started, have you been wondering what a 'Referendum' is?

Well, it's when there is a specific proposal or important issue that requires a special vote.


What is the 2018 Radio Western Referendum?

The majority of the funding for Radio Western is provided from the USC. They've decided to ask undergraduate students how much funding Radio Western should receive from their student ancillary fees paid.

Currently Radio Western receives $12.47 from the pool of over $1000 that all undergraduate student pay in ancillary fees every year (the ancillary fee is separate from annual tuition fees). For a full breakdown check out the ancillary fee breakdown.


What's the current funding?

Radio Western receives $12.47 from undergraduate student ancillary fees. In case you're wondering, we did the math and the current funding Radio Western fee is less than 1% of your total ancillary fees.

If you're interested in learning more about how funding is used, check out the Radio Western Funding Breakdown.


What are the fee options & What does it mean for future students?

Students will have four (4) voting options, it can be difficult to associate these options with what it means for a community radio station, so below you'll find all options and what they mean for services, programming & opportunities that will be available to future Western students.

  • $12.47 - Current level of funding
  • $10.50 - Radio Western can maintain all current services and programing.
  • $7.47 - Will result in a reduction of services and programming Radio Western can offer
  • $5.00 - Will result in a significant reduction of services, programing and opportunities for future students


Radio Western - Funding Vote 2018

Why $10.50?

With a funding fee of $10.50, Radio Western will continue to provide the same level of services, programming and staffing currently offered to our community.

These services include a diverse line up of music and spoken word programming, live to air sessions with your favorite local bands and artists, high quality training across all departments and of course Radio Western's live sports coverage.

Radio Western has already begun to take steps toward supplementing funding with other initiatives which include fundraising and advertising. Unfortunately, should the funding from the student ancillary fee fall below $10.50, Radio Western will be forced to reduce services.