Radio Western Morning News

NEWSCAST - Wednesday June 13th

Navaneeth Mohan

In Campus News...
- Neuroscientists at Western University Brain and Mind Institute have confirmed and detailed a rare case of a blind woman able to see objects – but only if in motion.
- A team led by neuropsychologist Jody Culham has conducted the most extensive brain mapping to date of a blind patient, to help understand the vision of a 48-year-old woman, Milena Canning.
- Western’s Brain and Mind Institute, determined Canning has a rare phenomenon called Riddoch syndrome – in which a blind person can consciously see an object if moving but not if stationary.  
- Canning's brain is taking unexpected, unconventional detours around damaged pathways.

- Also in campus news, Western University's ongoing 311th convocation will see two more individuals receive honorary degrees today, as Geoff Beattie received his today at 10am, and Paul Herbert will receive his later at 3pm. 
- Geoff Beattie is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Generation Capital, a private investment company based in Toronto. Beattie graduated with a law degree from Western in 1984. 
- Paul Hebert is a professor in the University of Guelph’s Department of Integrative Biology and Director of its Centre for Biodiversity Genomics and also the Canada Research Chair in Molecular Biodiversity.

In Local News...
- The city’s first licensed cannabis producer, INDIVA, is preparing for a major expansion of its facility in a south London industrial park. 
- Fitted with the latest hydroponic growing systems and LED lightings, this London facility will produce more than three million grams of high-quality dry flower annually, and process more than 1,000 kilograms of cannabis oil. 
- Tilray, a major cannabis producer in Canada, is opening up a new cannabis processing plant in London. 

In Sports...
- Four London Knights selections have been named to the Team Canada Development Camp Roster for the 2018 World Under-17 Hockey Challenge. 
- Luke Evangelista, Sahil Panwar, Sean McGurn, and Ben Roger have been invited to the development camp taking place in Calgary, Alberta. 

In Weather...
- This afternoon we see a risk of Thunderstorms as we reach our high of 26 degrees.
- The skies will clear up overnight as we settle back down at 15 degrees.  
- Tomorrow will be sunny skies with a high of 22.