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NEWSCAST - Thursday, June 14th, 2018

Greg Bowman

In Campus News...

- Two more esteemed academics will have honourary degrees today at the 311th Western Convocation.
-  The first recipient got theirs at 10am, and it was Dr. John Kelton. Dr. Kelton is the Executive Director of the Michael G. DeGroote Initiative for Innovation in Healthcare at McMaster University. He started in this role after completing, a highly successful 15-year term as Dean and Vice-President of McMaster’s Faculty of Health Sciences in June 2016.
- At 3pm, Dr. Stephen Scherer will be recognized as a scientific world leader in the study of human genomics. Dr. Scherer and his team contributed to the landmark discovery of global gene copy number variation (CNV), as a common form of genetic variation in human DNA. Defining CNV revealed that genes do not always exist in pairs of two along chromosomes.

- Western’s education faculty will be receiving nearly 100-thousand dollars to educate young people on marijuana.
- The Public Health Agency of Canada announced yesterday that $223,000 is being given to three organizations to develop public education tools and resources for public health professionals, educators and other stakeholders regarding cannabis
- The news comes as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government sends Bill C-45, his legal marijuana law, back to the Senate in what are likely to be the final procedural steps that could see the bill approved in the next couple of days.

- Landscaping services here on campus will be getting some new gear, as they are looking to make the switch to battery-operated equipment. In their new goodie bag, they will be getting two grass trimmers, a push mower and two leaf blowers.
- The new equipment generates zero emissions, is quieter, and is more ergonomically friendly. The equipment will also have interchangeable battery packs, which are also quick-charging so there’s no wasted time.
- The only drawback to the new battery-powered equipment would be on wetter days, as batteries and water more often than not, do not get along. The advancements in battery powered landscaping equipment now put them at equal footing with gas-powered, and more universities around the world will certainly follow suit.

In Local News...
- You know those foggy, apocalyptic-looking mornings we get sometimes? Well normally those would cause the school buses in the London region to be delayed, but that will no longer be the case come September.
- The London area’s school bus transportation authority has just passed a policy changing the current protocol when it comes to fog. As of now, when visibility is questionable due to fog, a two hour delay would come into effect to see if the fog would dissipate.
- But this delay would be disruptive for families as it would throw their morning routine off, as well as cause issues for parents with young kids who cannot leave them unattended at home yet.
- In the last four years, foggy weather has delayed buses 12 times in the region. In four instances, buses hit the road after the fog lifted. In the remaining eight cases, fog-delayed buses were cancelled outright later in the morning.

- Earlier this week, both city and county councils voted to approve a child-care pilot project that runs until the end of the year. Rather than adding a set number of spaces, the $11-million project will help improve the quality of child care and give parents a break on the cost.
- The money is being provided by the provincial and federal governments. The overall thrust is to make quality child care more affordable. The new funding projects that parents could get up to $150 back per child per month.
- This is, however, just one time funding. The Doug Ford-led PC party vowed to do a line-by-line review of the Ontario budget once in power after the provincial election. Since the money for the child-care pilot project is already allocated, it can’t be revoked.But there is no guarantee the cash will continue to flow after the pilot finishes at the end of the year.

In Sports...
- It was announced yesterday that North America will be hosting the 2026 FIFA World Cup, as shared between Canada, the United States and Mexico. While this is huge news for the country, it comes with an asterisk, as there’s no guarantee that Canada will actually be in the World Cup.
- Despite them being one of three hosts, FIFA has not yet announced if the three hosts get automatic qualification. While a decision by FIFA is being awaited, it is worth noting that Canada has not qualified for the World Cup since 1986.
- While there’s no doubting that soccer in Canada is on the upswing, success has only been seen on the women’s side of things, as they have medalled on the Olympic and Pan-Am stages.
- Here in London, soccer has grown exponentially over the past couple of years, as FC London is an official development partner of the MLS Cup Champion Toronto FC.
- The FC London women’s team has won back to back provincial League 1 titles, and is on good pace to win a third this year.
- Although soccer is growing in Canada, it needs a growth spurt if the red and white are going to make an impact on the world stage in 8 years time. Canada is expected to host 10 of the 80 games in the tournament, none of which will be elimination games.

In Weather...
- Today that bright orb in the sky will be in full effect as a high of 24 is expected without a cloud in the sky. It’ll drop down to 13 overnight, before another day of fun in the sun with a high of 27 expected… but get this… no humidex! So that 27 degrees will, in fact feel like 27 degrees. That will lead into your Saturday which has a high of 27 expected, but with a chance of showers throughout the day.