Western's Annual USC Volunteer Fair

Western's Annual USC Volunteer Fair

Nur Watad

If you walked yesterday through the UCC, you were most likely bombarded by large tables set up as booths, with a large amount of people walking, standing, and talking by them. That was the annual Western Volunteer Fair, where a variety of non profit organizations come and talk about what they do and the volunteering positions that they offer for Western students.  From volunteering positions on main campus itself such as Foot Patrol, Student Success Centre, and even Radio Western, to Cross Cultural Learner Centre and Canadian Blood Services, the UCC was packed with potential and inspiring volunteering positions for anyone and everyone. We had the chance to stop by a couple interesting booths to learn more about what some of these non profit organization do and what they can offer Western students in terms of impacting the community through their services.

For more information on Museum London visit museumlondon.ca or musuemlondon.ca/volunteer.

For more information on Habitat for Humanity visit their website at habitat4home.ca, or email then at volunteers@Habitat4Home.ca.  

For more information of Learning it Together, visit their facebook page at Learning it Together (LiT).

For more information on Autism Ontario visit their website autismontario.com.