Radio Western Morning News

NEWSCAST - Wednesday, September 26th, 2018

Nur Watad


Campus news…

-Back in August, the Western group Canadians for Syria raised $60,000 to bring two Syrian families into Canada

-The co-founder Victor Lal swam across Lake Ontario from Niagara On the Lake

-Victor completed the 52km swim in 21 hours, and also reached their goal they set for themselves

-For more on Victor Lal and the Canadians for Syria group, tune in tomorrow morning right after news for a Radio Western special feature on the story


Local news….

-London’s civic work committee is working hard to ensure that London remains clean and environment positive as they plan new ways to reduce waste

-They are hoping to finally bring in the green bin program to London after many years of delay

-The green bin is essentially a container used to contain biodegradable waste in order to minimize waste in landfills

-The municipality would pick up the waste on daily basis and compost it.

-Depending on the household, this could cost Londonders 36 dollars a year

However, for London, it will require a lot of effort, hard work, and money to get to where it aspires in terms of keeping London clean

-The city is yet deciding on a proper waste diversion plan, that could cost up to 7 million dollars every year to export waste to a private location


In other local news….

-Speaking of London’s newest plans and projects, the city is doing its best in providing its citizens with new safety features on the road

-If you happen to walk by Richmond Street look out for diamond shaped yellow and black decals with an outline of a train and words that read ‘Look, Listen, Live’

-This new safety feature on London’s streets is set in hopes that Londoners realize the importance of railway safety

-This simple idea was put in place in order to help prevent any unattentive crossers to put themselves in hazardous situations that can lead to death or tragic injuries

-According to statistics around 100 people a year are killed or injured while railway crossing in Canada

-Trains can't stop abruptly when someone is crossing, so one little unattentive mistake can lead to something so tragic

-Hopefully through that London’s citizens feel safer and more aware of their surroundings now when crossing the railway



-Looking for their first win the Western Mustangs men’s basketball team continues their preseason action tonight, when they host Lambton College at Alumni Hall, with tip off set for 7pm

-This will be the third of nine preseason games set up for the purple and white before they start their 2018/19 season on Wednesday October 24th on the road against the Guelph Gryphons



-Today’s forecast will contain mostly clouds with chances of high thunderstorms during the day

-The high is 19, however the weather appears to be gradually decreasing towards the evening reaching a low of 12 around night time, going into tomorrow with a low of 7