Donations for USC Food Support Services
Media Credit: Donations for USC Food Support Services

Western Student's Contribution to Community

Nur Watad

If you were walking around downstairs in the UCC basement yesterday, you might have ran into Rebecca Jackson, a second year student, and a Community Outreach Leader in the Arts and Humanities Student Council. She was sitting by a booth that gave out free cookies to anyone who donates any canned or packaged food. Radio Western’s Nur Watad was able to talk to Rebecca and ask her what all this was about.

This idea initially derived from Rebecca in hopes of encouraging Western students to take part in activities outside of Western that were not solely just for fun, but rather activities that will help the community more.

Aside from Rebecca’s great contribution to the community, Western as well offers USC Food Support Services, which is a student service at Western that aims to help students who are unable to afford food by providing food bank services. Any Western student is eligible to drop by the Food Service office at UCC room 258.