Bardia Jalayer - Your Next USC President

Bardia Jalayer - Your Next USC President

2019 USC Election Results

John Urban

“I was so nervous, I wasn’t even looking at the screen, I just had my head in my hands looking down” said Bardia Jalayer when he found out he was going to be the next USC President, thanks to the support of 4,277 voters who chose Team Bardia + Cat 2019 over Team ForYe (3,049 votes), allowing for a large 17% margin of victory.

Surrounded by his Vice-President Catherine Dunne, the campaign team and friends, making the evening truly special was having his parents in attendance who travelled down from Toronto.  “They said they’re coming regardless and they’ve always been so supportive of me.  So win or lose, if we had lost I think it would have been great to have them there for the support.”

Despite the election results being postponed a full day due to a technical error with the Science Faculty ballot and the actual results delayed by 33 minutes at The Spoke Thursday evening slated for 7pm.  Bardia explained how the stars lined up for him “just school work basis it really helped me out, I had an exam on Thursday afternoon, so I was able to get the studying done for that and my parents got caught in traffic so they arrived at 7:15(pm), so it worked out a little in my favour.”  

It wasn’t all sunshine on results night, as Team Bardia + Cat 2019 actually got fewer votes then Team Pratt/Chang did in 2018, when they got 4,922 students to mark their names on the ballot.  Student engagement did go up from the 23% in 2018, but at a microscopic 1.3%, bringing the numbers up to 24.3%.  “That’s disappointing to say the least,” said Bardia, “I think both Team ForYe and us, did our best to get the engagement up”, hinting at maybe a lack of faith in the USC to combat the provincial government's announcement surrounding OSAP and apathy.    

Working with the current President Mitch Pratt and Vice-President Danny Chang is now a top priority for Team Bardia + Cat 2019, getting caught up to speed on the situation the USC faces with the recent announcement regarding OSAP cuts and ancillary fees made by the provincial government.  Sexual Violence Prevention/Education, along with working with Purple Fest are still top of mind for the president elect. 

“All the way from King’s, to Brescia, to Huron, to Ivey, to main, we are going to get every single person involved, we’re going to work so hard to make sure that the trust you guys have put into us is well deserved.”