Western Student Wins Free Tuition

Western Student Wins Free Tuition

Greg Bowman

Post-secondary schooling is a trying time for many, as you’re often cast out on your own with limited discernible life skills to study in hopes of getting a career four years in the future. Not only is it a stressful lifestyle, it can be hard on the bank account as post-secondary tuition is often a large expense.

For Western University student Alexander McLeod, tuition is not something that he will have to worry about for the next four years, as he the winner of the Full Ride contest as held by the Student Life Network in partnership with CIBC. The contest is open to post-secondary students across Canada, with thousands of applicants every year. McLeod entered the contest about a year ago, with no real hopes of getting his name drawn. Not only was his name selected, he was put through the full star treatment by the forces at hand.

Alexander was originally told he was being interviewed as part of a promotional project for Western University. He was told he was recommended by his friend, so he thought nothing of it. Upon the conclusion of the interview, the Western Marching Band began to play down the hall, serenading the contest winner as Student Life Network Representative showered him with confetti and applause.

Needless to say, McLeod was confused. It all started to make sense when he was presented with a large cheque for $35,000 courtesy of the Student Life Network and CIBC.

McLeod is in his first year of political science at Western University, with aspirations of law school ahead of him. With the money, he will be able to comfortably cover his undergraduate tuition without government assistance, which is all the more important when considering the potential OSAP and tuition cuts announced by the PC government a few weeks back.

McLeod is the second winner of the Full Ride contest, following Emily Bennett who won the prize last year. Thousands of students applied for this contest (including yours truly), with being McLeod the randomly selected winner.