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NEWSCAST - Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

Roger Cumberbatch



- Western University nursing professor Abe Oudshoorn is leading a 14-month demonstration project with the Salvation Army Centre of Hope, looking to transform emergency shelter space into affordable housing with supports.

- Earlier this month, the Canada Mortgage and Housing corportation announced the initiative was one of nine funded projects under the National Housing Strategy (NHS) Demonstrations Initiative.

- Oudshoorn’s project includes evaluation of an existing floor of rental units on site at the Salvation Army Centre of Hope, 281 Wellington St., as well as the addition of a new floor of units focused on substance use recovery, including a peer support model.

- The aim is to showcase how emergency shelters can successfully transition to affordable housing with support functions, he explained.

- Researchers will, over time, also evaluate the well-being of individuals who live in this supported housing model.

- As the Salvation Army is attaching specific supports around recovery and substance abuse, they will likewise look at whether such supports work and whether it helps individuals move forward in their recovery journey, whether they are satisfied with such supported housing and what the long-term housing outcomes are from this model.

- The next step – and the most challenging part – will be on the research side, as following people over time is always difficult.

- Researchers hope to see individuals stay long-term in both recovery and in residence but know recovery is not necessarily a straight line, as is the case with housing for those who may be at street-level.

- In London, there are more than 4,000 people on a waitlist for housing. This is a promising option for some, Oudshoorn noted.

- Since 2004, the Salvation Army Centre of Hope has been providing pay-for-stay private units in a building that also offers emergency shelter.

- This model was provided in response to increased demand for supported and affordable housing options.

- These housing options needed to work for people who had chronically experienced homelessness and were high users of the service.

- While scattered-site housing was a choice for some, and Housing First programs facilitate these moves, others sought a higher intensity of on-site support.

- The Salvation Army Centre of Hope building filled this need, with food security, court services, and financial support services offered on site.


- In a first for the local library system, the London Public Library has chosen environmentalist and Western University professor Gabor Sass to lead its new “environmentalist in residence” initiative.

- As part of the program – funded through the Hueston Family Foundation, a Canadian charity that supports initiatives that promote environmental protection – the library will be hosting a number of workshops in libraries across the city to discuss topics such as water conservation and waste reduction.

- Through the workshops, which will run throughout the month of April, people will learn simple, practical changes they can make in their daily routines to help protect the environment

- Those who can’t attend the workshops, can send questions to the library website, which will be answered by Sass. The library will then compile the answers and put them all together into a single file and make it available to the public.

- The library, believed to be only the second in Ontario to have launched a project like this, also has created a curated list of 40 books from its collection with more information and practical guides.

- Sass, who teaches courses on the environment, sustainability and geography, said the title he chose for the workshops, “Small Steps to Sustainability,” reflects the approach he will be taking for the program.

- Though he says it’s not his intent to frighten people, Sass believes we are at a critical time in history where we, as a society, need to begin making changes to protect the environment.

- Initiatives like this one offer people interested in changing their own lifestyles the guidance they would need to do so successfully, Sass said.


-The London Knights are enjoying a 2-0 series lead over the Windsor Spitfires in OHL Western Conference quarter-finals.

- The series began at Budweiser Gardens on Friday night with the Knights pulling out a 4-3 win.

- Captain Evan Bouchard had a monster night, scoring two goals and two assists.

- Game #2 of the series went on Sunday night, with the Knights blanking the Spits 5-0.

- Bouchard added another three assists, while Cole Tymkin and Nathan Dunkley both scored a pair of goals.

- Game #3 of the series will be played in Windsor tonight at 7:05 from the WFCU Centre, with Game #4 slated for Thursday, also in Windsor.


- We are expected to reach a daytime high of 5 degrees, under mainly sunny skies.

-  Tonight will be clear with cloudy periods, and a low of -5. Wednesday, the high will be 7 degrees and sunny.

- Thursday’s forecast calls for rain, but temperatures will remain on the positive, at 8 degrees on the day.