Radio Western Morning News

NEWSCAST - Tuesday, May 7th, 2019

Navaneeth Mohan


  • A recently published Western study has revealed the appalling toll of duty and deligence on doctors. 
  • The ongoing opiod crisis has left primary care physicians at odds on prescribing opiate derived drugs to patients. 
  • While opiod painkillers may be necessary for some patients in extreme pain, or for those who cannot afford alternative treatments, such regular ingestion can lead to addiction and abuse. 
  • The thin line between users and abusers has made it difficult for doctors to judiciously prescribe these drugs. This ambivalence is taking a toll on doctor’s mental health, job satisfaction, and their ability to empathize with the patient. 
  • Dr. Fiona Webster and her colleagues condcted hour long interviews with more than 60 physicians from urban, rural and Northern Ontario and observed moret than 40 hours of doctor-patient interactions. 
  • Their study repeatedly showed doctors expressing an overwhelming uncertainity in prescribing opiods. A problem further compounded by a patients history of mental illness, poverty, and homelessness.  
  • The study rang the bell for increased education of doctors about the social inequities in healthcare and an urgent need for health care reform so that services such as massage therapy, physiotherapy and counselling are available free of charge to low-income-earners.


  • The Western Global Challenge is set to kick off on May 22 so lace up your running shoes and roll out your yoga mats cause our campus will be dedicated to 100 days of fitness for the 6th consecutive year. 
  • This year’s event will offer participants a choice of outdoor zumba, bike tours, yoga on university hill, and walking/running groups. Water and healthy snacks will be provided at each station.
  • The event is free and open to all faculty and staff. Paticipants are required to form a team of 7 and register before this Friday, May the 10th, by contacting their department head. 
  • All team members will receive a wristband that will monitor the wearer’s activity and track the team’s general progress. By holding each other accountable, the Western Global Challenge aims to promote a workspace of mental and phyiscal well-being. 
  • Participants can keep the trackers at the end of the 100 days – after that, participants will still be able to log their daily data manually, although the upload and sync features will be disabled.
  • Last year saw over 1000 participants. The last day to register is Friday May 10th. 


  • After the April 30th deadline to open their brick and mortar pot shops, seven store owners have been fined $25,000 by the Alcohol and Gaming Commussion of Ontario. 
  • One such store is an Ontario numbered company behind Tweed located at 1025 Wellington Rd. South. 
  • This fine is being slapped on top of the 25,000 dollars for failing to open by mid-April. Eleven store owners were fined then. 
  • On January 11th the controversial lottery system selected 25 individuals to open the province’s first brick and mortar marijuana retail stores. They were given a deadline of April 1, but less than half of the operators met that deadline. 
  • The Tweed store will be London’s third cannabis retail store. Currently open stores are Central Cannabis at 666 Wonderland Rd. and J. London at 691 Richmond St


  • In a disappointing crush for Canada, the Toronto Blue Jays lost 8-0 to the Minnessota Twins last night. The Jays are currently on their sixth loss of the seven game this season. 
  • On the ice, Boston Bruins blanked the Columbus Blue Jackets 3-0 in Game 6 last night, advancing to the Western Conference Finals. 
  • And the Toronto Rapotors host game 5 tonight at 8pm aginst the Philladelohia 76ers with the series tied 2-2


  • The day started off with a nippy and wet spillage from the skies. It is expected to warm up in the afternoon with a high of 14C and dip to the single digits overnight. 
  • Tomorrow is forecast as cloudy with wind gusts that will keep the chances of rain minimal.