Radio Western Morning News

NEWSCAST -Monday, January 13,2020

Estella Ren


Campus :
- Western English Professor Kathryn Mockler created a new online poetry and prose anthology that has dedicated itself to confronting the climate crisis.
-Transit riders and campus commuters need to pay attention to the detours and delays for the next few weeks as university continue their efforts to brighten up the campus.


Local news,
-A 9-year-old Londoner has sent a handwritten letter to Mayor Ed Holder, putting forward his proposal to help end the city's simmering housing crisis.
-The first shipment of cannabis gummies, chocolates, cookies, and drinks arrived at pot shops across London on January 10th.

-On last Saturday night, the mustangs drop a 4-2 loss to the Brock Badgers.

-On Tuesday, there is a mix of sun and clouds. The expected temperature is 2 degrees. And the expected temperature will drop to 1 on Wednesday with mainly sunny. Today currently is negative 3 and cloudy.