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PunFest 2019

Brown & Dickson Booksellers

Come through and experience London’s first ever PUNFEST!

What is PunFest?

PunFest is a pun competition (and direct descendent of events like Punderdome) where competitors sign up to pun their heads off in front of a live audience filled with fans of witty wordplay and cringeworthy puns!

As acclaimed author Victor Hugo--genius behind such titles as Les…

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The Mavericks | Centennial Hall

Centennial Hall

The Mavericks are true American originals, heirs to the great songwriting traditions of Cuba and Miami, of Nashville and San Antonio and Memphis. Now, on their 30th anniversary as a band, they’re back to remind the world why they’re so good.

“Being away from the band felt like being in a kung fu movie where you go into the mountains on a mystical path to gain special wisdom,”…