Randy's Cheeseburger Picnic

Interview with “Trailer Park Boys” Patrick Roach a.k.a Randy

Matt Legere Tue Nov 13th

Pat: “Cheers boys!”

Pat had just cracked the Freedom 35 “Trailer Park Boys” beer I had brought along for the interview, while I sipped on an IPA, Green Bastard. 

I had just sat down with Patrick Roach, otherwise known as Randy from Canada’s very own “Trailer Park Boys”. Pat explained that Halifax has already seen flurries. His lawn mower is winterized and sharpened for the next summer season.

How is the tour going?

Pat: “So far so good! It’s great to be back in Canada to do some cheeseburger picnics.”

Canadian pride seemed to be a recurring theme throughout the night. It allowed for a personal experience with Pat, who constantly expressed his gratitude for the country and cult-following that has come along with the show.

What is your record for maximum cheeseburgers eaten in one sitting?

Pat: “The truth of the matter, this is from me, I’ve eaten five doubles!”

This came to no surprise as Pat’s gut is famous in its own right, along with his passion for cheeseburgers and onion rings. The owner of 765 Old East Bar & Grill had commented on the fact that he was up until 1:30 AM preparing cheeseburgers for the day of the event. 

We all know about Randy, but tell me how Pat is doing?

Pat: “I’m doing good, just doing these cheeseburger picnics and filming some stuff for swearnet. That’s a website run by the boys, I don’t know if you have ever been on it?” 


Pat went on to explain that Netflix has garnered a massive new audience around the world with 196 countries. The show originally aired on SHOWCASE. Pat has recently been on tour with the boys in Iceland, Scotland, England, Ireland and the Netherlands.

The show has changed so much since “Trailer Park Boys 1999”, does it ever amaze you how far things have come?

Pat: “It’s just crazy. When we started it was all filmed on video tape now its all digital. Randy is way more handsome and Ricky, Bubbles and Julian have mellowed out a little bit. They used to cause us more trouble. Everyone in Sunnyvale is still the same old s**t on another day. We would’ve never thought back then that it would’ve grown to be this worldwide success. We were just having fun making our little show. A lot of us had other full-time jobs when it started.”

Pat, I am aware you graduated Saint Mary’s University with a Bachelor of Commerce and have worked as a consultant for Investors Group. I feel like a lot of students are worried that their degree may not lead them to where they want to go in the future. Do you feel that you have been able to use your education and financial background to further your career as an actor and stand-up comedian?

Pat: “Oh yea, for sure. I mean, it’s something that I finished. If you start something and finish it, it is usually good. There are lot of people who don’t like what they’re doing. I always tell my kids, it’s better to be working in a field that you like. Work is for a long long time. I have friends who hate their jobs, they can’t stand work but they do it to get the cheque to pay the mortgage and all the bills. I think it’s better to make a little less and not hate getting up for work. 

I am basically an exotic dancer, I get paid to take my clothes off, everyone here knows what I look like in my underwear. I have a university education and I used to wear a suit and tie to work. When you have to fight, you don’t want to ruin your good white pants.

I would say, as long as your going into a field of education that you like, it will always come through. I have used my business degree time and time again. It’s for the accounting to budget your own life, and marketing to do my own tours. All that stuff was built into that degree. It is important to get that next job but hard when you lack experience.” 

“Trailer Park Boys” is the epitome of stoner culture, so how do you feel about the recent legalization of cannabis throughout our country? Do they charge too much?

“Each province is different. Cannabis is sold at the Nova Scotia Liquor Commission, I haven’t ordered anything but I know people that have. Ricky’s dope would be better. I see it as opening things up for Canadians, especially on the health side, helping with many ailments. I hope it is beneficial because it would be terrible if it wasn’t. Opioids are bad news and can really frig people around. When I think about when I was young, we drank liquor and people would pick magic mushrooms at the right time of year. Now there is more pills and it is a different world. Cannabis is much more powerful now due to high THC, but I think [legalization] it will be a positive thing with growing pains.”

“Trailer Park Boys” has seen a lot of guest stars from Alex Lifeson to Snoop Dogg. Who was your favourite guest appearance on the show?

Pat: “I don’t think I have a favourite because they’re so good and unique in their own ways. I didn’t get to hang out with Snoop Dogg too much because my mom was sick at the time, but he was very good to the fans [on set]. Alex Lifeson is a very funny man and such a talented guitar player. I saw the Rush concert at the Halifax Metro Centre when I was about seventeen years old and it was so good. So it was shocking to be with him while he was cranking out on the guitar. Sebastian Bach is awesome and a really good guy, I am a Skid Row fan. All the boys from The Tragically Hip, they were all nice. It’s weird when you think about how they’re fans of the show. It’s flattering really.”

What can I expect from your show tonight?

Pat: “Tonight there are going to be some jokes told, some songs, contests, prizes, cheeseburgers and liquor. An extravaganza of silliness to relieve people from their normal worlds of shit misery. I brought my opener Shel, who is from Calgary. He plays ukulele and he tells jokes. Sometimes we have good Bubbles impersonators come up on stage.”

What message to you have for Western students and Londoners?

Pat: “Thanks for being fans of “Trailer Park Boys”. Thanks for being young minds who are broadening their experiences and getting an education to do something good in the world, even Canada for that matter. Just keep plugging. If you come to a cheeseburger picnic make sure you don’t party too much, you have to pace yourself. Mr. Lahey and Julian would tell me that, but Mr. Lahey would get too drunk!”

Pat went on to sign a cheeseburger wrapper for me and took off his shirt for a picture.

When it was show time I returned to the Backstage Lounge, the stage area which is plastered with pictures of dead rockstars on the walls of the 765 Old East Bar & Grill, and according to the owner is, “the most diverse venue in all of London.” 

Shel opened the show, proving to be hilarious as he riled the crowd up for what was to come. He constantly made “Trailer Park Boys” references and mentions of gut induced grease. Pat came out in full character and I immediately realized the professionalism to his approach. His outrageous show is perfectly designed for the cult-following of “Trailer Park Boys”. If you are not a fan of the show, this might not be for you. But if you have ever binge watched “Trailer Park Boys” on Netflix, entertainment and endless laughs are guaranteed. 

The venue was the perfect size for crowd engagement and fans were grateful. This was because prizes were given out for contests such as gut measurement, Bubbles impersonations, games, etc… 

Pat had mentioned to me earlier that he views his work as somewhat of a legacy for John Dunsworth a.k.a. Mr. Lahey who unfortunately passed away last year. This was visible throughout the show as Pat’s act drew on what the audience suggested. One event goer suggested that Pat take off his pants to fight Shel, an obvious reference to the show and Pat fully engaged the idea. The passion from the crowd is unexplainable and as ridiculous as the show may be, it does offer a chance to put all stress aside and join together for a laugh.

Be sure to catch Pat on Randy’s Cheeseburger Picnic Tour or his winter tour of the U.S. with the rest of the cast of “Trailer Park Boys”.