Spur Fashion Show 2018: Revolt

Taniya Sheikh

Spur, a social club at Western hosted their annual Fashion show at the London Convention Center on Saturday, 10th March.

The show began by the executive team thanking everyone for coming out to support their friends and family and a speech by the Chief Executive of the Cerebal Palsy Organization.

As revealed at the Launch party, Spur followed a theme throughout the fashion show: Revolt.

All the clothes worn during the scenes were relevant to the historic context it was derived from.

The first scene was Swim which spoke about,

a time where the idea of wearing a bikini was deemed scandalous. The bikini which we know today, was created in 1946 by a French engineer and quickly spread through France.  However, the Catholic Church and the rest of the Western World found the swimwear too risqué until the mid-1950s when the bikini began to be normalized as it appeared on actresses and models. Today, bikinis are worn proudly by many of all sizes and can serve as a tool of empowerment. French fashion historian, Olivier Saillard, has famously said that the emancipation of swimwear has always been linked to the emancipation of women.

Which led into the Street Scene which showed how rebellion and streetwear went hand in hand, inspired by the denim rebellion during the Cold War Era. It was meant to emulate western rock star fashion.

After which came a Magic Mike performance by the men in the Lingerie scene.

The steamy performance definitely required a 30 min intermission during which a silent auction was held, and all the money raised went to the same foundation.

Right after the intermission, Spur came out with their brightest and most fun scene, Active which expressed unique individuality and demonstrated “the desperation to break free from robotic” lifestyles.

The next Lingerie scene questioned empowerment and how the question haunts everyone based on one’s intersectionality. Spur “we saw empowerment as owning your sexuality and feeling powerful within your own skin. Inspired by Burlesque themes, sexuality is celebrated, and the women represent empowerment rather than objectivity.”

As an audience member, this scene had my adrenaline pumping and heading banging: The Punk Scene had to be a scene that Spur had outdone themselves compared to any other. Punk Rock era which was established in the mid-1970s was when youth finally had a community to express their independence and unique identities and beliefs. Today themes of punk rock still represent rebellion and empowerment. Through fashion we demonstrate this kind of social change and youth determination. It was empowering, bold and the fashion was, for the lack of a better term was well represented.

The show concluded with a sexy dance by the ladies in heels to express sexuality and have fun with it After which the entire fashion show team came out in Western clothing and represented the various aspects of student life like sports, dancing, singing and academics.

For the final remarks, Brody Lomax, the President along with Marcela Hernandez, the executive director came up to thank everyone and also gave out ‘Best Models’ and “Best Executives” awards.

All in all, with a few hiccups, Lomax said it was a good time and a very successful show.