Radio Western Morning News

NEWSCAST - Thursday, April 12th, 2018

John Urban

Campus News:
-Scientists have discovered an ancient bone in Saudi Arabia, dating back to 90,000 years ago
-The relic is the oldest human (Homo sapiens) fossil to have been found outside of Africa and the immediately adjacent Levant, and suggests that people travelled further than initially thought during the first reported human migration into Eurasia
-Jay Stock, an adjunct research professor in Western University’s Department of Anthropology, collaborated with colleagues at the University of Cambridge, Liverpool John Moores University and the University of Kent, Canterbury on the high resolution tomography analysis
-Using a technique called uranium series dating, a laser was used to make microscopic holes in the bone and measure the ratio between tiny traces of radioactive elements
-These ratios revealed that the fossil was 88,000 years old
-The combined results conclusively showed that the finger bone, the first ancient human fossil found in Arabia, belonged to our own species; Homo sapiens
-Other dates obtained from associated animals fossils and sediments converged to a date of approximately 90,000 years ago
-Further environmental analyses also revealed the site to have been a freshwater lake in an ancient grassland environment far removed from today’s deserts

-On Tuesday, with an ongoing negotiation process between the University and PSAC Local 610, the Graduate Teaching Assistants held an event where family members, students, professors, and other members of the London community gathered to stand in solidarity with the GTA’s as they face a potential strike
-This support was evident at the Rally for Solidarity on UCC’s Concrete Beach at Western University which started at 5:00pm, many there in red showing their support for the Graduate Teaching Assistants with flags, music, and a variety of short speeches
-Without compensation for the extra help and effort they put into their relationships with students and further contributions to their faculties, campus committees, the community, and beyond, the Teaching Assistants and their union asked for the support from students, families, and other community members to put pressure on the University and this negotiations process
-While Public Service Alliance of Canada, Local 610, the teaching assistants bargaining agent, has been negotiating with the University towards a new Collective Agreement for several months, the University requested a “no board” report on March 23rd, while Union members earlier held a vote which proposed a strong strike mandate if necessary
-The University gave their ‘last’ offer of a Contract Agreement on March 27th, one that the Union believed did not deliver a strong enough mandate to improve benefits, pay, and further compensations
-At 12:01 a.m. on April 13th the University will also be able to lock out the teaching assistants, who will therefore be unable to fulfill tasks such as tutorials, office hours, and marking or proctoring exams
-However, the Union still has to vote on the final offer proposed on yesterday and today

-The federal and Ontario governments are putting up $5 million each to establish 19 new mental wellness teams for First Nations communities
-The teams will be located across the province to ensure access by all of Ontario’s First Nations communities
-Federal Indigenous Services Minister Jane Philpott, Ontario Children and Youth Services Minister Michael Coteau and Assembly of First Nations Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day are scheduled to attend a signing ceremony today in Toronto
-A joint statement from all three issued late Wednesday said the initiative is meant to “bridge health inequities that persist between First Nations and other Ontario residents.”

-Last night, It was the opening game of the Sutherland Cup semi-finals as the London Nationals hosted the Listowel Cyclones at the Western Fair Sports Centre
-London was coming off of a sweep of the St. Thomas Stars to capture the GOJHL Western Conference title, while the Cyclones punched their ticket to the Sutherland semis by toppling the Elmira Sugar Kings
-Both teams joined at centre ice prior to puck drop to honour those lost in the Humboldt tragedy
-The faithfuls in attendance may have gotten more than they bargained for, however, as the first overtime session was the first 20 minute frame in which neither team scored, meaning the game would go onto a second overtime
-Finally, Brandon Glover of the Nats was able to bury one past Cyclones' goalie Max Wright to give London the victory, and the 1-0 series lead
-Captain Brandon Trottier picked up his fourth assist on the night on the game winning goal as he continues his torrent playoff scoring pace, as he now has 5 goals and 24 assists in 15 playoff games to give him 29 points in total
-Game 2 of the Sutherland Cup semi-final series will go on Friday in Listowel as the Cyclones will look to even the series, while the Nationals will look to take a 2-0 lead

-Today is jersey day and in support of the Humboldt Broncos, the London Knights will be hosting a photograph at 5:30pm at the Covent Garden Market Square, rain or shine, to show London stands together with Humboldt
-So get downtown today with your jersey and gather together in the Market Square, where a photo will be taken, as well as a banner that people can sign their condolences, that will sent to Humboldt
-The Knights will be accepting donations at the event today, which will kick off with a $5,000 donation from the London Knights organization to support the Humboldt Broncos

-This afternoon we could see a chance of showers and a high of 17 degrees, but it will dip back down to 2 overnight with a few showers
-Friday will have more of the wet stuff, cloudy with rain and a high of 15 degrees
-Leading us into a rainy weekend with 30-40mm expected on Saturday and another 20mm on Sunday with highs of 8 and 6 degrees respectively