Graduate Interdisciplinary Research Day

Graduate Interdisciplinary Research Day

Maz Walters

On Friday April 13, Graduate Interdisciplinary Research Day also known as FIMULAW at Western University was held at the FIM/Nursing building for professors, graduates and students their third and fourth year.

This second annual event focuses on the collaboration of work and communication between these three faculties on campus, Information & Media Studies, Music and Law.

Held from 9:30am to 4:30pm FIMULAW was a full day of lightning talks from graduate students, panel & round table discussions, poster presentations, guest speakers, food and live music performances.

Kelly Bylica, Phd graduate of Music Education and member of the organizing team explains why this day is so important and how interdisciplinary research is the future on business for years to come.

The two main topics that were addressed were deconstructing privilege and mental health. 

Paul D. Hansan, BA(Hons), MA, MSL and Phd candidate gave a new perspective look on diversity and privilege in his presentations on Reconciling Diversity: The Path Forward. He spoke about how as human beings it's important for us to talk thoughtfully and openly amongst each other because as people we all want the same thing in life which is to be accepted.

If you missed out on this event, you can follow their twitter feed on social media #fimulaw or visit team at to find out more about interdisciplinary research.