Radio Western Morning News

NEWSCAST - Monday, May 14th, 2018

Greg Bowman

Campus News:
- Western University psychiatry professor Don Richardson has been named a research fellow with the Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research. Richardson is the Physician Clinical Lead at Parkwood Institute’s Operational Stress Injury Clinic. Research fellows for the Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research are recognized for their contributions in enhancing the lives of Canadian military veterans
- Professor Richardson has been studying military and veteran mental health since the 1990s, after the end of the of the Yugoslavian war. Many Canadian peacekeepers who were deployed by the UN in Bosnia and Herzegovina suffered PTSD after witnessing many unpreventable atrocities. The Canadian health care system was not properly prepared to deal with the veterans PTSD
- After spearheading a few projects surrounding mental health at that time, Richardson has published extensively on military and veteran mental health topics such as risk factors for PTSD and suicidal ideation, sleep disturbances, health-care utilization, treatment outcomes and the impact of psychiatric illness on quality of life
- With this new fellowship, Richardson, among other esteemed experts in the field, will be able to further research the best medical and psychiatric treatment methods for veterans, to ease the horrors of PTSD

Local News:
- The London transit commission will be holding a summit to address the lack of bus services to industrial areas of London
- According to the commission, there are currently only 15 bus routes to industrial services, which is raising concern for employers at those plants. A membership survey from the London Economic Development Corporation last year suggested the problem may affect as many as 5,000 workers in London
- This upcoming summit, will allow workers, employers and politicians to openly discuss options to alleviate this problem. Some of these options could include shuttles to specific businesses, or a kind of service dubbed “first/last mile,” where taxis or Uber make up the difference by getting customers from a central transit station to their final stop at work or home
- Some employers are willing to foot the cost of these alternatives. This summit will take place at city hall tomorrow evening

- The London Lightning have drawn even in the NBL championship series against the Halifax Hurricanes after a thrilling 122-114 overtime win at Budweiser Gardens on Saturday
- London had control for the majority of the game, but were then outscored 29-18 in the fourth quarter, which forced the game to overtime. That seemed to spark the Lightning, as they went off for 16 points in the extra frame, doubling the total of the Hurricanes who had but 8
- Although Antoine Mason dropped 36 points for Halifax, he was outperformed by Mo Bolden for London, who scored 38 points, while also collecting 10 rebounds.
- Game 5 of the NBL championship series will go tonight at Budweiser gardens, the last home game for the Lightning this year. Tip off is slated for 7PM

- St. George rugby club is celebrating their 60th anniversary this year, as their festivities kicked off this weekend. Starting yesterday, Rugby Ontario is using the facility for high-performance training for U-16 boys and girls
- The St. George rugby club has enjoyed some rise in their numbers, as they aim for 450 members this year, which would put them in the top 10 for the province
- The club has more anniversary celebrations slated for early July, which includes a social mixer, followed by a day full of games. Be sure to check out the rugby club, as this classic sport is on the rise in the Forest City!

- It’s cloudy out there right now but we should expect some sun later today with a high of 21 degrees, before a risk of thunderstorm this evening
- It will rain overnight and that will carry over into tomorrow morning, which will continue all day with a high of 21
- That will clear up for a beautiful day slated on Wednesday, with lots of sun and a high of 24