Skate to Great

Skate To Great Kicks Off Fundraising Drive

Greg Bowman

There's no questioning that hockey is an expensive sport. From the high costs of equipment, to the lofty prices of ice times, the sport Canadians love can be draining on a bank account. As a result, many children are unable to participate in on-ice sports due to the financial burden. Evan Kosiner recognized that fact, and took action. He founded the charity Skate to Great, who collect gently used skates and equipment and redistribute them to underprivileged youth so they can participate in on-ice sports. Kosiner is as enthusiastic as they come, and his passion to better the lives of youth in London is contagious. He has worked with members of the athletic community, from figure skaters to NHL players, to try and grow the message that skating should be for everyone.

Siskinds Law Firm takes care of the legal technicalities involved in developing a non-profit, charitable organization. Stacey Bothwell, a partner at Siskinds, spearheaded the project after Kosiner approached her. The partnership has resulted in the law firm being home to the fundraising drive, which is being held for the next two weeks at Siskinds Law Firm on Waterloo street in downtown London. 

London has produced some impressive professional talent as a result of the skating facilities available. One of those individuals is Dylan DeMelo, a defenceman for the San Jose Sharks, who knows better than anyone the importance of getting youth involved in hockey. DeMelo just finished his third season with the Sharks after being drafted 179th overall in 2011. He made the trip back to the Forest City to take part in the festivities for Skate to Great, showing the character of those who come from London.

To round out the plethora of notable figures in attendance at the Skate to Great fundraising opener, London Mayor Matt Brown took to the mic to say a few words. For him, the decision to promote the event was automatic. He was noticeably excited to be a part of the event, as he knows how much of a sports town London is. Brown represented City Council and their support for a cause that will only produce more exceptional athletic talent such as Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue, Drew Doughty, and of course DeMelo who was also in attendance.

Skate to Great urges anyone with gently used skates or hockey equipment to come down to Siskinds Law Firm on Waterloo street any time between May 16th and 31st and support a truly great cause. Because a truly Canadian dream, would be children of all ages and all backgrounds to be able to enjoy the on-ice sports we hold so near and dear to our hearts.