Radio Western Morning News

NEWSCAST - Friday July 6th

Cole Davison


-Professors Matthew Heath, and Dave Humphreys have stated that concussed athletes may be returning to sports too early.

-The researchers are reporting that significant cognitive impairments were found in some patients that had passed standardized concussion testing, and had already returned to play.

-The doctors hope their findings will improve the accuracy of  future concussion testing, and lead to decreased concussion reinjury for athletes.

-Have you ever bought something a little more expensive just because of the brand name on it? -Well, that impulse purchase could have some scientific backing to it, as Ivey Business School professor Amos Nadler has published a study suggesting that higher testosterone levels lead to ‘status’ purchases.

-According to the study, when men buy something fancy, it is the equivalent of a peacock having its bright feathers on display.

-The study had roughly 250 men who were given a gel that either had testosterone or a placebo.

-Four hours later, the group took a series of tests that asked their preference for a variety of items that had pre-ranked status levels judged by a previous study group.

-In the testosterone study, those with increased levels of the hormone showed preference for the luxury items, even if the quality was similar, opting for Calvin Klein jeans instead of Levi’s; Armani ahead of North Face; Lacoste instead of Old Navy.

-The study could be valuable for advertisers, but should be looked at as a caution to consumers, that frivolous purchases could be hormones playing with their heads.

-The Rolex or the Mercedes may look nice, but in the end just costs more money.

-Switching to local news, severe Thunderstorms have caused power outages and flooding throughout London.

-Thousands were without power Thursday evening, and many bus routes had to be diverted to avoid flash flooding.

-The thunderstorm brings with it a cold front, a respite from the extreme heat warning issued by environment Canada.

- London Hydro is reporting that power for the most part has been restored.

-Economic forecasters for London and Southwestern Ontario are predicting a booming job growth sector for the summer.

-A survey conducted by Manpower is predicting a 23% payroll increase for London businesses throughout the summer.

-London’s unemployment rate has dropped from 6.1 percent in May of Last year to its current 5.3 percent.

-All of Ontario is experiencing the highest economic growth since the housing crash of 2008, and while growth is expected to continue, the United States Tariffs on Canadian exports may cause growth to plateau.

Moving on now to sports…

-The London Majors will have a busy weekend ahead of them as they have three games in three days.

-They were scheduled to have a game last night in Burlington against the Herd, but it was postponed due to weather.

-Tonight they will be playing at home as they welcome the Toronto Maple Leafs to Labatt Park.

-Toronto has more wins than London, but the Majors are ahead of them in the standings because they have two games in hand.

-That should magnify the importance of this game, as London is going through a streak of inconsistency after they won seven games in a row at the start of the season.

-First pitch will be at 7:35 from Labatt Park tonight. Tomorrow they will travel to Brantford to take on the 7-11 Red Sox, before rounding out their weekend slate on the road against the 7-13 Hamilton Cardinals.

-The London Jr. Mustangs OPFL teams are kicking off their playoffs this weekend.

-Tonight, the bantam team will hit the road to take on the Niagara Spears.

-London took the regular season matchup 21-19, but Niagara finished ahead of them in the standings.

-That game gets underway at 7 tonight.

-Tomorrow there will be two games at City Wide Field.

- First up is th JV Mustangs who will play the Essex Ravens.

-London’s JV team went 7-1 this season, and are the hottest team in their league coming into playoffs.

-They beat the very same Ravens in the regular season finale last week 37-12.

-Kick off is at 4:30 for the JV game.

-The nightcap at City Wide Field will be the varsity Jr. Mustangs, who are looking to continue their perfect season.

-After a 8-0 regular season, they will be taking on the Niagara Spears in first-round playoff action.

-London is looking to repeat as OPFL champions, and have not lost a varsity game since 2016. Kickoff is at 7:00pm.


-Today’s forecast is sunny with a high of 24 degrees and a low of 16.

-This weekend will continue to be sunny with a high of 26 on Saturday, and 28 on Sunday.

-Currently it is 23 Degrees.