Radio Western Morning News

NEWSCAST - August 10th 2018

Ariana Magliocco

Campus News:
- Masters in Environment and Sustainability candidate, Rachel Brown is buzzing with excitement after successfully advocating for Western to be recognized for its bee-friendly initiatives on behalf of Bee City Canada
- The organization aims to protect the threatened bee population by giving special designation to communities which commit to maintaining healthy pollinator habitats within their boundaries
- Western, which has more than 400 acres of landscaped space, was an ideal candidate for Bee City Canada, and with the university's commitment to a new five year landscaping plan, Western is on track to do some serious good for our favourite honey makers
- Along with the campus bee hives which can be found by Windermere Manor and behind North Campus Building, pollinator friendly trees, as well as manicured gardens and the reduction of grass cutting in some areas, will have a positive impact on the bee population here at Western
- And for all you Western students looking to learn more, a pollinator week is set for the upcoming academic year meant to engage students, staff and faculty, in what should be a unified goal to save the bees

Local News: 
- Some troubling news out of the Elgin-Middlesex Detention Centre, where 7 inmates were rushed to hospital after overdosing on opioids
- London Police confirmed that naloxone was used and that all seven inmates were conscious upon being transported to hospital
- This is not the first time Elgin-Middlesex Detention Centre has been in the news, as it has long been known as a troubled jail, often nicknamed the ‘the devil’s playground.’
- The detention centre has been criticised for understaffing, a lack of programming and proper health care initiatives, as well as a serious overcrowding issue
- While the detention centre as built for 150 inmates, it has been reconfigured to house 450, and has seen 10 questionable inmate deaths since 2009 

- Chris Lazar was lights out last night for the Hamilton Cardinals, as he pitched 8 strong innings while striking out 5 and only allowing 2 runs
- His team exploded offensively with 6 runs in the 6th inning to make it 12-0, on the way to take Game #1 at Bernie Arbour Memorial Stadium in a 13-3 final
- The Majors will look to bounce back with back to back home games tonight and tomorrow. With Game #2 and Game #3 slated for a 7:35pm first pitch both evenings from Labatt Memorial Park

- We will be welcoming the weekend with a high of 28 degrees on Saturday, followed by 27 degrees on Sunday.
- You can expect that rain we’ve become accustomed to this summer to hold off until Monday where we will see a risk of thunderstorms