Radio Western Morning News

NEWSCAST - Tuesday, October 9th, 2018

Taniya Sheikh

Campus News:
-Preliminary results from the world’s largest sleep study have shown that people who sleep on average between 7 to 8 hours per night performed better cognitively than those who slept less, or more than 7-8 hours
-Neuroscientists from Western University’s renowned Brain and Mind Institute released their findings yesterday in the high-impact journal called SLEEP.  There was one thing that left most shocked and that’s probably gonna change how much you sleep because participants in the study who slept four hours or less performed as if they were almost nine years older

Local News:
-A person is dead after a motorcycle crash near Western University last night
-The driver of the motorcycle was declared dead at the scene. Police aren’t releasing the individual’s identity until family members are notified

Sports News:
-After coming off a 94-87 victory over the Heidelberg University Student Princes Friday night, the Western Mustangs were looking to make it two wins in a row in 26 hours from Alumni Hall Saturday afternoon.  They would take on another NCAA Division III calibre opponent, this time from Madison, New Jersey in the Drew University Rangers. It would be the Mustangs second of three games scheduled on Thanksgiving weekend and the first of two encounters with Drew
-The Mustangs would pull out the 92-69 win, led by Eriq Jenkins with a game-high 19 points 

-Yesterday afternoon brought the Western Mustangs’ 2018-19 women’s hockey preseason campaign to an end with a too close for comfort 4-2 victory over the Windsor Lancers at Thompson Arena
- The Mustangs gave up the lead twice and took until midway through the third period to finally go ahead for good, off the stick of veteran April Clark
-The Mustangs are off for Thanksgiving break, but come back on the ice today for over a week of practice to iron out the remaining kinks in preparation for the October 19th home opener against the archrival Queen’s Gaels

-After a week long of moppy, cloudy weather, we are back with a little sunshine at 21 degrees this morning
-Looks like its going to get hotter over the afternoon and little colder by the night
-The rest of the week isn’t looking bad with mostly sunny days until Friday where we see a dip in the weather at 10 degrees continuing till Sunday with a little bit of rain