*Photographed (left to right): Team Bardia + Cat and Team ForYe post-results

You Cast Your Votes & The Results Are In

2019 USC Election Results

Jessica Singer

After months of campaigning and networking, the elections results were announced last evening for the 2019-2020 school year at the UCC’s Spoke restaurant.

There was a 24.3% voter turnout this year, which is a 1.3% increase from last year. This means that 8,020 students voted out of the 32,955 who are eligible to vote. 

To begin the evening, the USC announced the Divisional Candidates for the upcoming school year:

Faculty of Arts & Humanities: 

President: Jerika Caduhada (won with 57.1% of the vote)

Councillor: Chava Bychutsky (acclaimed) 


President: Kyra Balogh (won with 73.8% of the vote)

Health Sciences: 

President: Zain Al-Shamil (acclaimed)

Faculty representative: Mukhtar Hindi (acclaimed) 

Health Studies:

President: Christopher Ruffell (acclaimed)


President: Rebecca Jansen (acclaimed)

Council representative: Mena Atalla (acclaimed)


President: Vivianne Quang (won with 48.5% of the vote)

Faculty of Music: 

President: Leah Macdonald (won with 60.7% of the vote)

Faculty of Science: 

President: Victoria Barroso (won with 61.8% of the vote)

Radio Western was able to catch up with Barroso, who talked about how rewarding this whole experience has been. “I’ve seen so many student leaders take these positions, so, the fact that it’s me this time makes it so surreal”, said Barroso.  

Councillors: Babafemi Adewusi: (12.3%), Jacky Lee: (12%), Muhammad Hassan Ali: (11.4%), Bahar Entezari: (11.1%), Matthew Yee: (9.8%), Artika Pahargarh: (9.8%) COIN TOSS tied with Niveda Balananthan 335 votes (9.8 per cent).

We were also able to catch up with Science Councillor Jacky Lee, who commented on his excitement to start working on a plan that puts students interests first. 

Social Science: 

President: Nikol Kamenetsky (won with 43.9% of the vote)

Social Science president elect Nikol Kamenetsky discussed how much the department of Social Science means to her, and her excitement to see what comes her way in the next year. “I can’t even explain, I am so overwhelmed. I just want to give a huge thanks to my team. Without them none of this would be possible”, said Kamenetsky. 

Faculty Representatives: Anne Campbell: (11.9%), Matt Reesor: (9.8%), Liam Cronin: (9%), Zamir Fakirani: (7.5%), Vishal Vijay: (7%), Celine Mano: (6.9%), Clarke Keenan: (6.8%)

London Youth Advisory Council: 

Claudia Gallant (won with 52.3% of the vote)


When it came to the Health and Dental referendums, both were invalidated. The referendums asked whether students wished to increase the fees for both health and dental plans by 9% for the next two years, and then return to the current 5%, per year cap on increases. The referendums were invalidated because there was no option to abstain. 

After announcing the Divisional Candidates and the referendums, the USC finally revealed which Presidential/Vice Presidential slate would be representing Western University’s student population for the next year. 

The student vote chose Team Bardia + Cat, who won with 4,277 votes against Team ForYe, who lost with 3,049 votes. 

I was able to catch up with Bardia Jalayer and Catherine Dunne post-results, and they said they couldn’t wait to start working with Danny, Mitch, and the rest of the executive. 

But that's only after they catch up on some household chores. 

"The first thing we wan't to do is clean the laundry off of our floors", said Jalayer. "And catch up on some sleep", added Dunne. 

Dunne also discussed how rewarding it was to connect with female students on campus. 

“I have had a few women come up to me and say if I run in the future it’s because of you, and honestly thats what pushed me to run and was absolutely incredible”, said Dunne. 

Jalayer and Dunne discussed how honoured they were to represent the student body at Western, and for being able to share this experience with Frank Ye and Jared Forman. 

I was also able to chat with PVP slate Team ForYe post-election results.

Although these most likely aren’t the results they were hoping for, both Jared and Frank were extremely grateful for this process, and the opportunities they had to connect with so many students on Western’s campus. 

“It’s very humbling, because I don’t think this is an experience that most students can get”, said Ye. “So for me, even having the opportunity to run and engage with so many people is already a reward in itself.” 

“It’s an unparalleled experience”, added Forman. “It’s really hard to describe what it’s like to put yourself out there for those 16 days, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.” 

Win or lose, taking on a leadership position at Western is evidently an extremely fulfilling and unique experience. The only way the student population can flourish is if students collaborate with other like-minded individuals who all have an interest in creating a more inclusive, safe, and fun experience on Western’s campus.

There are so many ways to get involved in student politics, and taking the initiative to run for a position is a large feat in and of itself.