Radio Western Morning News

NEWSCAST - Monday, March 4th, 2019

Greg Bowman


  • There’s a new area of study brewing up at Western University. This spring, the school will offer a history of beer course, exploring the the evolution of brews through mesopotamian times to modern craft ales, and how it plays a part in shaping social, cultural, economic and anthropological realities through human history.
  • The course, History 2192A Beer: The Business, Social and Cultural History of a Global Beverage, is a six-week course available starting in May. The aim is that students learn the pivotal role the production and consumption of beer has played in local, national and international economies and cultures.
  • Beer-making in medieval Europe helped jumpstart a languid economy and spurred international trade. In more recent history: the rise of industrial-age brewing demanded scientific rigour; then consolidation and corporatization uprooted local breweries making it more global; and the rise of microbreweries has created a resurgence in local supply chains and agrifood tourism.
  • While beer may be the topic, history will be the focus of this interdisciplinary study. The University of Ottawa is the only other school in Canada to offer such a course.


  • A new study conducted jointly by Western and Ohio state university has concluded that porn use may affect partner eating disorders. The study included 409 North American women, and examined their attitudes towards eating and body image, as well as several other personal factors that included their perception of their male partner’s porn use.
  • Western psychology professor Rachel Calogero, the study’s co-author, stated that the data was definitely correlational, though it was not necessarily causational. Their study suggests that a male partner’s porn use can be one of many factors, including media, peers, and family, which can affect a woman’s body image and potentially her eating habits.
  • Calogero stated that there are potential negative consequences for women who know their partners objectify females through porn use. One of which is that they might be influenced to try to meet unrealistic body standards that they perceive their partner to desire. According to Calogero, women’s perceptions and habits can be still be influenced whether or not they ostensibly care about their partner’s porn use.
  • The researchers believe their information is valuable because it can help contribute to better and more informed discussions on prevention, intervention, and treatment for eating disorders.
  • The fascinating study can be found in the international Journal of Eating Disorders.


  • Police are warning the public not disclose personal information to random callers over the phone after a person lost nearly 7-thousand dollars in what is being called the “virus scam”.
  • Police say the victim received several calls over a week’s span saying that their computer had a virus on it. The caller then convinced the victim to allow remote access to their computer, where the caller then accessed financial records and personal information.
  • The victim was told to purchase 7-thousand dollars worth of Google Play cards and give it to the caller the serial numbers of them. If you’re the victim of a scam, how do you know?
  • Well, simply don’t disclose personal information to any entity unless you initiate the call. Those who reach out to you for your personal information, are likely seeking it, so don’t give it to them.


  • The Western Mustangs women’s hockey team’s season is now over after they fell 2-1 to the Toronto Varsity Blues in Game #3 of the McCaw Cup semi-finals. Western tied the series up on Friday night with a win in Toronto, forcing game #3 17 hours later on Saturday afternoon.
  • The two teams exchanged goals in the second period, with Sydnee Baker scoring her second of the playoffs for the Mustangs. Late in the third period, Toronto’s Julia Szulewska would beat Carmen Lasis for the game-winning goal, sending her Varsity Blues to Nationals and McCaw Cup finals.
  • For the Mustangs, they are now eliminated.
  • Radio Western was proud to broadcast every game of that series, and after that game #3 loss on Saturday, our own Eva Nagel spoke with head coach Candice Moxley, who just completed her first year behind the bench for the Mustangs
  • The Levesque twins, Beatrice Dufour, Catherine O’Connor and Shailyn Waites all played their final games in a Mustangs jersey, congratulations to all of them for fantastic careers with the purple and white!


  • It’s a beautiful day out there today with the sun shining even though it’s partially cloudy, the high for the day is minus eight degrees, the low is minus sixteen, although it feels like minus twenty one.
  • Some light snow is expected in the afternoon, and humidity is currently at 64%.
  • Tomorrow is predicted to be snowy, with a high of minus eight and a low of minus fourteen, and wednesday is expected to bring back the sun, with only partially cloudy weather and a temperature of minus nine degrees.