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NEWSCAST - Thursday, March 14th, 2019

Jessica Singer


  • The University Students Council at Western held “Pints and Politics” last evening, with free food and beer provided for those who want to engage with local politicians and of course, talk politics
  • Pints and Politics is held a couple of times every year by the Students Council and is open to anyone 19+
  • All are invited to engage in political discussions about issues that impact them and they can engage in a candid conversation with local politicians who are responsible for fighting for them
  • On Monday, 127 of 144 residence staff elected to unionize, and the vote failed 62-65
  • In late January, the Residence Staff for Unionization Organizing Committee stated their intent to unionize, filing with the Canadian Union of Public Employees 
  • After a vote on February 11th, the committee fought for their right to unionize with Western
  • However, Western’s Housing and Ancillary Services stated to the Ontario Labour Relations Board that residence staff are not “employees” and cannot vote on this issue
  • The Ontario Labour Relations Board acted to determine whether residence advisors, dons, and academic leadership programmers were in fact “employees” after a failed mediation session on February 27th
  • Researchers from Western University and Queen’s University Belfast found that students do not open feedback from their instructors online
  • They also found that male students with a lower grade average are less likely to read feedback
  • Assistant professor in Western’s Department of Biology and the Centre for Environment and Sustainability Paul Mensink is exploring how students learning outcomes can be enhanced with the use of educational technology
  • Mensink found that when students could see their mark before opening their feedback, 42 per cent of instructor feedback was not accessed by students
  • Mensink said a possible solution could be incorporating the final assignment grades into online feedback, so students are required to access feedback and instructor comments to see their marks. 
  • Using this method, the study found that the amount of unopened feedback dropped to only 17 per cent when marks were integrated into feedback files


  • Thousands of Londoners were left in the dark yesterday morning thanks to a widespread power outage
  • Large chunks of central and west London were impacted with London Hydro’s Nancy Hutton confirming roughly 25,000 customers were offline at the peak of the outage that started shortly after 8 a.m.
  • Power was restored to most customers a little more than an hour later
  • As to what caused the outage, Hutton says the answer remains unclear


  • The YMCA Women of Excellence Gala is a unique event hosted every two years by the YMCA in London
  • All proceeds from this event support the YMCA Strong Kids Program, ensuring everyone has access to YMCA programs and services regardless of their ability to pay
  • It is one of the many ways the YMCA of Southwestern Ontario fulfills its goal of developing spirit, mind and body in people of all backgrounds, beliefs and abilities in our community
  • The 2019 YMCA Women of Excellence Awards Gala is on Wednesday May 15th, 2019 at the London Convention Centre
  • Western University’s own Christine Stapleton, will be recognized for his contributions to Sport, Fitness & Recreation, thanks to her national reputation as a leader in interuniversity sport and recreation programming, fund raising, facility development, event management and student leadership


  • Environment Canada is forecasting pleasant weather for the next couple of days, with a rise in temperatures reaching a high of 15 degrees today
  • Unfortunately, it isn’t spring just yet...temperatures drop this weekend with a high of negative 1 degrees on both Saturday and Sunday
  • Expect a temperature of 6 degrees tomorrow with some light rain
  • Moving into Saturday, expect a temperature of 0 degrees, feeling more like negative 7, with a mix of sun and clouds