Radio Western Morning News

NEWSCAST - Friday, May 10th, 2019

Mehek Mazhar


- A Western University neuroscientist was at Buckingham Palace on Thursday to receive his Order of the British Empire medal
- Dr. Adrian Owen is the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience and Imaging at Western University
- He was granted the honour by Prince William for his services to scientific research
- Owen is the author of Into the Grey Zone, a New York Times bestselling book on his work with patients believed to have been in vegetative states


- The United Church of Canada is returning a significant piece of land to the Lenape people of Delaware Nation today
- Fairfield is a historic village in Bothwell, between Chatham and London, that was first settled by the Lenape people 227 years ago
- A ceremony being held on the site this morning will officially mark the paperwork to execute the land transfer
- Fairfield was established on May 8, 1792 by the Lenape ancestors and the Moravian missionaries who lived among the group for generations. In the war of 1812, Fairfield was destroyed by American soldiers. The community was forced to relocate to the south side of the Thames River. For the past 74 years, Fairfield has been operated as a historical park and museum by The United Church of Canada
- Delaware Nation has been trying to take back the land since 1960, but it took the Truth and Reconciliation commission to prompt today’s land transfer

- Three years after London reduced the speed limits in school zones to 40 km/h, city politicians are considering doing the same for residential neighbourhoods
- City engineers are recommending the change in a new report going before the civic works committee next week
- The idea would be to create area speed limits to reset how fast drivers can get around in certain areas of the city
- The only other city in Ontario that has established area speed limits is Ottawa, where there are two zones with a 40 km/h speed limit
- According to the new report, the risk of fatal collision between a pedestrian and a vehicle increases significantly when vehicles are travelling over 40 km/h
- The speed limit reduction in residential areas fits with London’s overall road safety strategy. London city hall is a part of Vision Zero, a global movement dedicated to the elimination of traffic deaths and injuries caused by vehicular collisions, while increasing safe, healthy and equal mobility for all
- Money will play an important factor in the potential speed limit decrease in London’s residential areas. The report says the estimated cost to manufacture and install new signs is $400,000
- It will be some time before a final decision is made. The report will be discussed on May 14 at the civic works committee

- London police are looking for a 27-year-old man wanted for forcing people to cash cheques and turn over their cash
- Five times since March 27, a man has approached someone at an ATM, asked or forced them to deposit a cheque, and then demanded they turn over the money
- According to the police, some of the incidents have involved violence
- The victims range in age from 20- to 70-years-old. None of the victims sustained any injuries
- Police say the suspect is considered dangerous and should not be approached
- They have released a picture of Tevin Haider and have issued warrants for 14 charges, including robbery, robbery with violence, fraud, possession of property obtained by crime and uttering forged documents
- Tevin Haidar also faces five charges of failing to comply with court-imposed release conditions


- The London Majors are preparing for their season and home-opener against the Hamilton Cardinals tonight at Labatt Park
- The Majors have brought on many new faces to the team, and have strengthened their bullpen which struggled last year
- First pitch for tonight’s home-opener will be at 7:35 p.m. at Labatt Park


- Today will be partly cloudy with a temperature high of 11 degrees
- The sky is expected to clear up early evening, with the sun coming out, just before it gets dark
- The temperature will drop to 2 degrees overnight
- On Saturday, there will be a mix of sun and clouds and a temperature high of 12 degrees
- Sunday will be cloudy and rainy, a bit colder of a day at 7 degrees