Radio Western Morning News

NEWSCAST - Friday, August 16th, 2019

Greg Bowman


  • Yesterday, Western University was home to the seventh annual See the Line symposium.
  • The event brings the top physicians, athletes and researchers together to tackle the latest developments in concussion prevention and head injuries in sports.
  • Most notably at yesterday’s event was NHL Hall of Famer and London native, Eric Lindros, whose career was ended due to concussion related issues.
  • TSN senior correspondent, Rick Westhead, was also on hand, sharing his experience uncovering the stories surrounding concussions in the NHL, and telling the stories of former players who have been left in the dark since retirement.


  • London researchers are calling for poop donors.
  • The study calls for the transplanting of bacteria in people’s faecal matter into those who suffer from forms of skin cancer to see its effect on the immune system.
  • Researchers are saying that it could help with the treatment of melanoma.
  • The disease doesn’t always respond well to chemotherapy, which is why they are looking for alternative treatment methods.
  • The faecal transplant is said to improve the bacteria in the intestines which will aid in immune system health. That boost in immunity is expected to tip the scales in favour of the patient whilst battling cancer.
  • The researchers need the right poop though, with only one in 50 people eligible for the transplant.
  • This type of transplant has been used in the past to treat C difficile, which is an intestinal disease. 


  • Yesterday was the opening day of the under 18 national baseball championship, being hosted here in the Forest City.
  • 10 teams from nine provinces will do battle all weekend to determine who the best youth baseball team in Canada is.
  • Yesterday evening at Labatt Park, the host team, and two time defending champion London Badgers clashed against the Team Ontario representative, the Etobicoke Rangers.
  • Playing in their second game of the day, the Rangers jumped out to an early 1-0 lead with a pair of doubles in the first inning.
  • The Badgers didn’t register a hit until the third inning, but that’s where they sent three across the plate to take the lead.
  • They wouldn’t look back, taking their first game of the tournament 4-2.
  • The Badgers will play again tonight at 7pm, taking on Team Quebec at Labatt Park


  • High of 25 today with a 30 per cent chance of thundershowers this afternoon.
  • It should clear up this evening though with the temperature staying around 22.
  • Overnight will be 19 with a risk of thunderstorms.
  • Tomorrow will be 29 feeling more like 35 with a chance of thunderstorms as well.
  • Then Sunday will be 28, feeling like 27 with, you guessed it, a chance of thundershowers.