6th Annual Beerfest

6th Annual Beerfest: It's true...students love beer

Jessica Singer

Yesterday at Concrete Beach, Western students celebrated the beautiful weather the best way they know how: drinking beer.

Over 20 breweries set up shop at Concrete Beach this Thursday for the 6th Annual Beerfest, an event filled with musical performances, food, and good brews. 

And some Western students couldn’t have been happier. 

“I was walking back after coming to campus, and I just saw Beerfest and I was like, we need to go”, said 4th year accounting student Sean.

While students enjoyed the festivities by mingling and drinking with friends, those who were offering samples of their best brews also appreciated the event. 

“We’ve been part of the event for a few years; last year I was actually part of the event, so I’m excited to be back again this year”, said Jim MacDonald, Music Curator of London Brewing. “It’s a great way for us to connect with the university student who might not know about our businesses within the city”. 

Guests could sample light, medium, or full-bodied brews and ciders, but some breweries offered beverages with a more distinctive taste, including Herald Haus Brewing Company’s Raspberry lager. 

The Raspberry beer ‘Abandoned At the Altar’ was named after a newspaper headline found under a floorboard when the company was renovating their building, explained the brewery’s sales manager, Tyler MacIntosh. And its been a hit ever since. 

“It definitely leaves a sour taste in your mouth”, said MacIntosh. “And I have found out that a lot of students really love this beer”.

No matter the flavour, it’s undeniable that a lot of students love beer. But the alcoholic beverage might have to watch out for its biggest competitor: wine.  

After speaking to a few students who attended the event, most agreed that ‘Wine Wednesday’ at McCabe’s, a local pub that offers half-priced bottles of wine every Wednesday, trumps Dollar Beers at Jack’s. 

“Wine Wednesday just hits you in another way”, explained 5th year civil engineering student Eric. 

“I love wine”, said 4th year BMOS student Eric. “If you can rip Wine Wednesday with a group, and get a booth if you’re there early enough, it’s great”. 

Perhaps ‘Winefest’ could be the next best thing to hit Western University’s campus.