Radio Western Morning News

NEWSCAST - Friday, September 20, 2019

Jessica Singer


-Yesterday, Western Students swarmed Concrete Beach to attend the 6th Annual Beerfest, where over 20 breweries offered samples of their best brews.

-The city of London will surveil Broughdale avenue with the installation of new cameras as the street gears up to host FOCO next Saturday.

-The Wave is hosting Western Liberals Pints and Politics tonight at 8:30pm, with Special Guest Liberal Candidate for London North Centre MP Peter Fragiskatos.


-Advocates, including a local politician and former London police officer, have voiced their opinion on the road-safety blitz led by city hall and London police that targets cyclists and pedestrians, and claim that pedestrians and cyclists are being unfairly targeted.


-After a long 22-year on-ice partnership, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir announced Wednesday that they’re stepping away from the sport.

-The Mustang’s Cross Country season will kick off this Saturday with the Bill Slater Western International, which will be held at the Thames Valley Golf Course.


-Expect some heat tomorrow with a temperature of 28 degrees, feeling more like 36, and a chance of showers. The heat persists moving into Sunday, with a temperature of 28 degrees and sunny skies. It is currently 17 degrees with some sun, reaching a high of 25 later this afternoon.