Radio Western Morning News

NEWSCAST - Thursday, November 14th, 2019

Emma Fairgrieve


-Kent walk on Kent Drive that is in front of University College has won a top design award for its update. It is the first step in Western’s Open Space Strategy that gives priority to pedestrians. The renovations were awarded a London Urban Design Award.  

-Some of the renovations include: 

-Closing the area to vehicles and re-emphasizing its role as a pedestrian passageway;

-Installing wood benches, and adding a barrier-free reading garden with new plantings and red furniture.



-A London man whose foundation gives gifts to sick and dying kids at London's Children's Hospital is flabbergasted to learn that a new hospital policy has effectively banned him from the property. Over the past 30 years, Leo Larizza worked with parents of sick children in care at Children's Hospital operated by the London Health Sciences Centre. Many of the children whose parents contact Larizza are facing terminal diagnoses. 

-The hospital announced that they've changed their access policy and now want all donated gifts to go through the hospital's own foundation, which is called the Children's Health Foundation. The LHSC is yet to comment on the backlash received on social media for these changes. 


-10 Western Mustangs have been named Ontario University Athletics all-star football teams. One of which is quarterback Chris Merchant.


-Cloudy today with flurries expected to end this afternoon. 

-Friday freezing rain with a high of o

-Saturday mainly sunny with a high of minus 1

-And Sunday warming up to positive 1

-Right now in London, it’s minus 4 degrees.