Radio Western Morning News

NEWSCAST - Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019

Quinn Schneider

- The USC Vice Presidential role will now be split into two unelected positions. Following much debate, the University’s Student Council has decided to split the VP role in half, having one person be hired to work for on-campus affairs, and one for off-campus. The USC president will still be student elected.

- Mike Jack, a London local set a new Guinness world record for eating three ghost-peppers in the world’s fastest time.

- London launches Canada’s first single-use recycling pilot project. The “Hefty Energy Bag” pilot project is working with nine neighbourhoods across London with a total of 13,000 households to promote recycling on single use plastics including plastic utensils, straws, foam dishes, milk bags, and much more.

- Mustang’s men’s water polo finished 5th at the OUA Championship on Saturday.

- Today brings a mix of sun and flurries with a high of 1.