Radio Western Morning News

NEWSCAST - Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Ava Thompson


  • USC presidential election campaigns begin this week on campus. Candidates Matt Reesor, Victoria Barroso, Aleesha Rehill and Keenen Qin make their presence known through UCC booths and signs around campus. 
  • Bus routes continue to be impacted by Nat Sci detour during construction. Congestion at Alumni Hall persists.


  • Updates from the City Hall manager regarding local housing markets and initiatives to provide reliable shelter during the winter months.
  • Police recover a London Knights memorabilia box and look to aid it's journey home. 


  • 6 Mustang teams rank on this week's USport Canadian ranking.
  • Men's and Women's squash take on a tournament in Toronto.
  • First annual 'Stay in the Game Conference' for promotion of female athletes post graduation.


  • Temperatures warm this week with chances of rain on Saturday.
  • The sun expected to peek through as clouds break, sitting between -5 and 2 degrees.