Online Platform ContingentSee Aims to Help People Seeking Justice

Pritha Mukherji

While seeking justice can be a tedious process, London-based entrepreneur Tarek Moharram has created an innovative solution to help community members connect with professional lawyers and legal services. 

contingentSee, an online platform launched by Moharram’s business consulting company Moharram Ventures Inc., aims to help people find a prospective lawyer to represent their case.

Clients anonymously submit information about the cause of action they are considering on the contingentSee platform, and lawyers have the opportunity to bid on the case at hand if they are interested in representing that client. 

Lawyers also place bids on a case anonymously, to ensure clients can choose which lawyer to best represent them without being bombarded by marketing campaigns or over-the-top advertising slogans.

Moharram wants to ensure clients choose a lawyer based on merit, such as their spoken language, their area of expertise, or their years of experience. Once a client chooses a lawyer to represent their case, they can connect through the exchange of contact information and proceed with their relationship off the platform.

There's a sense of privacy maintained by the website when it comes to the personal details of both clients and lawyers.

“We don’t ask clients to input a lot of their personal information as we do not want them to be at risk,” explained Moharram.

“contingentSee also ensures that lawyers are encouraged to compete [for] clients to get in contact with them.”

The platform hopes to help clients make more informed decisions when choosing a lawyer or legal service, as this process can often be difficult and strenuous.

“When people start looking for lawyers, they have next to no information on the marketplace, and because there are barriers in gathering that information, people end up making misinformed decisions,” Moharram clarified.

“That’s what contingentSee aims to address…Allowing clients to make an informed decision by having access to the necessary information they need in an easy and accessible manner.”

Creating a company that helps clients and lawyers begin their journey towards justice was an idea that came to Moharram when he was studying law.

After realizing how difficult it was to access legal services himself, even with his knowledge and training, he decided to create a platform that would allow clients and lawyers to stay connected, while ensuring a sense of transparency regarding the information being shared.

While some may believe there’s a risk of inaccurate information being provided by clients or lawyers online, contingentSee ensures that lawyers are able to sit down with a client and validate the information that’s been specified.

“The lawyer is able to meet the client before a formal contract is agreed upon. contingentSee is a mechanism through which lawyers and clients can become connected and then meet in person and have discussions to formalize the deal,” said Moharram.  

“There’s always a risk that lawyers will receive inaccurate information from clients, so in the current paradigm where clients will call into a law firm and share their information, there’s just as much of an opportunity and an incentive to provide inaccurate information.”

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, Ontario’s judicial system has come to a standstill. In such dire times, contingentSee is committed to its customers by continuing to provide online services.

“There are a lot of stages before a case finally goes to trial. And since the majority of cases get settled before even going to trial, there is still a need for legal representation during this time,” Moharram observed.

With the possibility of an increase in demand for legal advice, as well as a massive backlog of cases when the pandemic subsides, Moharram strives to build innovative strategies so contingentSee can manage the sudden increase in demand for legal services.

“Necessity is the mother of all innovation. We have really challenging circumstances right now that are forcing people to really take a hard look at how we’re currently doing business, how our society currently operates, and really thinking hard about how to be more innovative, safer, smarter, and better in the future. That’s a process that continues to occur, and a means through which we can come out of this stronger,” he affirmed.

ContingentSee is currently serving clients in Ontario, and they aim to expand their services to the state of California. The company wishes to serve the largest population bases in North America.


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