Radio Western Morning News

NEWSCAST - Tuesday, March 31st, 2020

Pritha Mukherji

-Western medical historian Shelley McKellar sees parallels between the current pandemic and some of history’s other fast-moving diseases.
-Although theories of contagion have evolved over time, approaches to slowing the spread of disease hasn’t changed much.

-The COVID-19 pandemic has also led to another outbreak in the London Community...the outbreak of music.
-Recently, the Don Wright Faculty of Music introduced the House Music Challenge for students to come together and create music.
-Also, Western Rezlife organized an online Karaoke session for students via Zoom where students could belt out their favourite tunes.

-Prime Minister Justin Trudeau updated that the military is “gearing up” to join the federal approach to combating the COVID-19 pandemic, and the federal government is expanding the wage subsidy for Canadian businesses.

-Health units across Southeastern Ontario have reported at least 85 new cases of COVID-19 since Friday, including a Sarnia-Lambton total that has more than tripled.

-On Wednesday, expect a temperature of 10 degrees with partly cloudy skies. Moving onto Thursday, expect a temperature of 10 degrees with a 10% chance of precipitation and cloudy skies. It is currently around 6 degrees with clouds.