Radio Western Morning News

NEWSCAST: Thursday, May 14th, 2020

Shloak Srivastava



-Western University expects to return with a mix of online and in-person classes for the fall semester as administrations weigh the best way to ease back into normal operations while trying to keep staff and students safe from COVID-19 infection.

-Student Moiz Rajwani was one of 500 students still living in residence after most of their classmates had returned home. Rajwani, a second-year international student from India, said residence and university staff have felt like family.


-Researchers in London, Ont., have begun testing a new non-invasive ventilation mask that aims to reduce the risk of spreading the novel coronavirus during treatment while lessening the demand for invasive ventilators.

-Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says that students and recent graduates who have seen their education and job prospects hampered by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will be able to apply for the Canada Emergency Student Benefit as of Friday.
-Under the Canada Emergency Student Benefit, eligible applicants will receive $1,250 a month from May to August.


-MLB team employees will be the subjects of the US’s largest COVID-19 antibody study. Ten thousand employees of 27 of the league’s 30 clubs have volunteered to take part in what researchers from Stanford, USC, and the Sports Medicine Research and Testing Laboratory are calling the COVID-19 Sero Prevalence Study.

-Vancouver could be hub city for NHL's return. British Columbia is in the running to host NHL games if hockey is able to return this season.

-He said he could see Vancouver as a potential hub city and also floated the possibility of other B.C. rinks hosting more games if the league wanted to centralize in one province.


-Primary children in Denmark have been back at school for a month now. It was the first country in Europe to reopen its primary schools, after containing the virus early on. There have been fewer than 550 deaths so far.

-Indians arrive home after weeks of being stranded abroad. Relieved Indians are arriving at airports across the country on the first flights to bring home those stranded abroad.


-Expect the temperature to be between 7 degrees and 15 degrees Celsius today. There is an 80% chance of precipitation.