Radio Western Morning News

NEWSCAST: Thursday, May 21st, 2020

Shloak Srivastava



-A Western student-led team is reaching beyond campus to raise money in support of the community’s most vulnerable residents amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Kind Collective gathers used and vintage clothing, accessories, and other items through contactless pickup, drop-off, and shipment and then sells them through Instagram, Facebook, and Poshmark.

-A busy season for campus construction, renovation, and maintenance resumes this week after a six-week shutdown to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

-Western has nearly 300 projects on its schedule, including the Biomedical Research Facility, Thames Hall renovation, Robarts Research Institute imaging suite, and Spencer Engineering Building lab renovations.


-A teen entrepreneur in London, Ont., opened up a health food store amid the coronavirus pandemic
-At only 19 years old, Khadra is the owner of the Diet & Wellness Health Food Store, which opened May 11 on London’s Oxford Street East.
- Porsche Cars North America announced the rollout of a new digital service, “Porsche Track Your Dream” that allows customers who order a 911 sports car to follow its journey from production in Germany and across the Atlantic to the final destination at the dealership for delivery.


-The Canadian Football League announced Wednesday that this year’s 108th Grey Cup game – if it occurs at all – will be played at the home stadium of whichever league finalist had the better record during the regular season.


-John Krasinski’s online show "SOME GOOD NEWS" was successful in spreading around cheer and hope around the globe in these uncertain times.

-Last Sunday's episode was the last and was all about the community that sprang up around the positive viral series.

-John Krasinski said goodbye to his “Some Good News” YouTube show on Sunday night and ended on an optimistic note.


-Expect the temperature to be between 21 degrees and 8 degrees Celsius today. It will be a bright and sunny day.