Humboldt Strong

London Rallies For Humboldt

Greg Bowman

With the effects of the Humboldt bus crash still being felt nationwide, the Forest City came together to show their support on Thursday. Along with the London Knights, hundreds of Londoners crowded the Covent Market Square, dawning jerseys for national jersey day. 

The London Knights had prepared a banner which read "from one green and gold to another", and invited fans to sign the banner as they would send it to the Humboldt Broncos as a sign of solidarity. The Knights also made a $5000 donation to the Humboldt GoFundMe page. 

The Humboldt tragedy hits so home for so many who have spent time around the game. So many players have gone on bus rides to and from games, with the expectation that they arrive safely. It was a sobering experience to current players and coaches to appreciate what they have in the sport of hockey.

London once again showed that it is a hockey hot bed, and it gave a great sense of community to see so may families decked out in jerseys supporting a good cause. 

You can donate to support the Humboldt Broncos at: