Western Mustangs Women's Volleyball

Mustangs Take On The Mighty Marauders

Western Mustangs Women's Volleyball

Emma Jones

The energy is Alumni Hall was high this past Friday as the Western Mustangs women’s volleyball team took to the court against the McMaster Marauders. After suffering a 0-3 loss to the Windsor Lancers last week, the Mustangs are looking to end off the 2018 year strong with a win.

First set of the game caught the Mustangs on their heels as they struggled to stay within 5 points of the Marauders. Head Coach, Melissa Bartlett, was forced to call three timeouts at 7-14, 10-16 and 13-19 in the first set, but to no avail as the team could not find their way ahead of their opponents. There was a glimmer of hope as a five-point run that placed the girls four points behind forced a timeout from the McMaster coach. Then began the ping pong game of back and forth points until Western closed in and was two point behind forcing yet another McMaster timeout at 22-24 in the set. It was a well fought set with many great plays but with a few too many unforced errors from our Mustangs and the Marauders would eventually take it 25-22.

Second set saw a slightly stronger start than the previous as Western fought hard to gain their first lead at 9-8 in the set. However, it was short lived as the teams would go back and forth for points with neither exceeding a one-point lead over the other. This went on until McMaster once again pulled ahead and Western was left fighting to stay in the game. McMaster was giving them a run for their money with their net game and although they got close, there was no cigar and Western dropped the set to McMaster 20-25.

The Mustangs seemed to be only going up as they opened the third set by winning the first two points but was short lived as the two teams stayed within a point of each other yet again for the first half of the set. Once the Mustangs gained a small lead, McMaster called a timeout at 9-12 in the set. Whatever was said must have had no effect on the Marauders leaving the break because Western continued to trounce them and gain an eight-point lead. The third set was much cleaner than the previous two with a significantly less amount of errors. Western would then keep it tight and pull out a 25-15 victory.

Mustangs open up the fourth set the same as the third with a quick few points to pull the lead. Changing it up a little, they actually hang onto the lead for the majority of the match. At 4-9 in the match, McMaster calls a timeout to try and fight back. However Western proved their efforts to be futile, coming out of the breaking and quickly winning five points. When McMaster got a little too close for comfort, the Mustangs fought back with powerful hits smart tips and pulled the fourth set right out from under the Marauders, winning 25-21.

After forcing the game into five sets, Western kept their game tight, not letting McMaster get away from them. At the middle of the set, McMaster was leading 8-5 as they came into the last set with a newfound strength. Bartlett calls a timeout at 7-10 in the set to try and settle her girls and get them back on track. Coming out of the break, both teams were fired up, bodies were flying and the suspense was palpable. However Western only managed one more point and McMaster wrapped up the game with a 15-8 win and taking the whole game 3-2.

The season starts back up on January 12 against the Brock Badgers.