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NEWSCAST - Wednesday, September 25, 2019



  • A campaign writing letters to Doug Ford over OSAP changes has been organized by OUSA with over 200 mentions of the program on social media

  • OUSA has provided an example letter to send out but encourages personal input

  • Students who break the law while partying are now having their personal information given to Western University by the local police where they may face academic disciplinary charges as well as fines

  • Western University is now allowing self-reported absences over minor illness when dealing with projects worth 30% or less of a course.

  • The form saves students the money they may have needed to spend otherwise on a doctor’s note and from the long lines at clinics



  • Highway speed limits on 400-series highways are set to jump to 110 km/hr as government officials look for feedback from the public through online survey

  • The government will be monitoring responses to speed limit changes for the next two years

  • National Tree Day will be celebrated in London with a free tree giveaway event today that will go until 8 pm

  • Until 2 pm you can find them at 707 Exeter Road and 1450 Oxford St West, and from 4-8pm you can find them at 654 Elizabeth St



  • Western Men’s Golf team will be playing McMaster tomorrow at 10 am in Ancaster

  • Women’s rugby team has been gaining ground since the rocky start at their first few games



  • Feels like 20 degrees today and tomorrow with a slight chance of rain on the horizon

  • Southern Ontario will be expecting a 40 degree heat wave early next week, so be prepared for that sudden spike