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Newscast -Friday February 12th 2021

Anjali Singh


  • The total number of confirmed cases in London are around 6000, and there have been 13 new cases since yesterday with 206 active cases 

  • There are around 5500 resolved cases and a total of 180 deaths.

  • There have been cases reported at three new schools in the Thames Valley District School Board in London, St. Thomas, and Ingersoll.

  • The outbreaks occurred at Arthur Stringer Public School, Elgin Court Public School, and Royal Roads Public School 

  • These schools will continue to stay open and the school board has not closed any schools due to covid 19 cases since september 

  • Students and faculty who have experienced close contact with a positive case will be advised to quarantine for 14 days


  • The USC went virtual this past year and continues to stay online, and they had their annual year in review event on January 20th over zoom. The members of the council gave a report of their accomplishments over the term. 

  • Hannah Tobias-Murray, the Vice President of student support and program spoke about how the difficulty in planning events for students in the mixed-model O-Week this year

  • She also went on to give thanks to her team during the process for creating fun and interesting events.

  • Camellia Wong, the Vice President of communications and public affairs spoke about how she wanted to increase the amount of social media engagement for students, and thanked her student engagement committee for a 40% increase in USC social media engagement.

  • Victoria Barraso, the vice president of university affairs also described her work to find alternatives to proctortrack with student senators, re make the budget system to it is based on equity based advocacy.

  • She also touched on the importance of a vice president of equity, diversity, and inclusion, and how they would conduct anti-racism training and create a more accessible reporting procedure for these crimes.

  • Former President Matt Reesor finished off the event by stating that “We’re really excited we got to share this evening with you and we really look forward to the remainder of the year working with you all, whether that be students or community partners or administration, we are really looking forward to the next four months.”


  • London’s Nestle plant on the 401 is taking steps to make ice cream less of a guilty pleasure. 

  • A new initiative will see ice cream delivered in reusable containers that can be returned for refills. 

  • This initiative is part of Nestle's larger goals to be completely recyclable or reusable by 2025.

  • This new pilot project sees Nestle in partnership with Loop, a food delivery company that specializes in delivering food in reusable containers. Customers can purchase 500ml containers of ice cream from

  • And fret not, the containers are specially designed to keep your ice cream frozen for up to 36 hours.


  • Today will be cloudy with a daytime high of -6 degrees and low of -13

  • Tomorrow there will be a 50% chance of snow with a high of -8 and low of -14. And on Sunday we will have day time highs close to -5 a low of -11

  • The warmest days we will see next week will be a high of -8 on Monday and Tuesday 

  • Currently it is -7 degrees outside our studios and mostly cloudy.