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Newscast - February 26th 2021

Anjali Singh


  • The total number of confirmed cases in London are around 6100, and there have been 11 new cases since yesterday with 91 active cases 

  • With a little under 100 active cases in London, we will find out today wether the city will shift to yellow or orange zones next week

  • There are still 5 active outbreaks at long term care homes,  2 at Northbrae Public School, and 18 at the Ontario Police College in Alymer

  • There were also no deaths reported in London when Ontario experienced 28 deaths in the province

  • The middlesex London health unit is going to start vaccinating those who are above 80 years old near the middle of March

  • This is the time period they are hoping for, and Dr. Chris Mackie, the Medical officer of health says that there will be an update on this on Monday or Tuesday of next week


  • Maxwell Smith, western’s expert in public health ethics wrote about how to distribute the vaccine in an ethical way that takes into account social vulnerability and medical needs 
  • He is a part of the Covid 19 Vaccine Distribution Task force and is assisting in creating the framework for it’s distribution without discrimination

  • he says that “In Canada, those who work in informal or insecure jobs, live in overcrowded housing, and have a lower socioeconomic status are overrepresented by racialized populations. This can make it difficult to socially or physically distance, thereby making them more susceptible to infection than people in other circumstances,” “Data shows the tragic reality is that people from these groups are not only more likely to be infected with COVID-19 but also to die from it.” 

  • For this reason, there is a group called the “populations and communities facing barriers related to the determinants of health” which is labelled as high priority 

  • The three human rights that need to be taken into account when distributing the vaccine are the right to life, health, and to benefit from scientific progress says Sharifah Sekalala, a professor at the university of Warwick who is also leading this study

  • For these reasons the vaccine should be be distributed fairly and without discrimination 


  • City Hall is considering turning Dundas Street into a one-way road

  • As part of a pilot project, vehicle traffic will be limited to East-bound traffic only between Ridout and Wellington. According to the plans submitted, the central vehicle lane will be flanked by two bike lanes on either side.

  • The changes however, will not affect on-street parking.

  • If city council approves the project, the bike lanes will be completed by late April to coincide with the construction of the downtown loop of the Bus Rapid Transit on King Street.

  • The report will be weighed in on Tuesdays civic works committee.



  • Today will be sunny with a daytime high of 3 degrees and low of -3

  • Tomorrow there will be a 70% chance of rain with a high of 6 and low of -2. And on Sunday we will have day time highs close to 8 a low of -2

  • The warmest days we will see next week will be a high of 6 degrees on Thursday and Saturday and Sunday 

  • Currently it is 3 degrees outside our studios and sunny