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Newscast - March 19th 2021

Anjali Singh


  • The total number of confirmed cases in London are around 6500, and there have been 31 new cases since yesterday with 175 active cases 

  • There are around 6100 resolved cases and a total of 185 deaths. There are also 4 variant cases.

  • London has released a timeline for adults to receive vaccinations as preparation for the third wave of covid begins. The Middlesex-London Medical Officer of Health Dr. Chris Mackie explained that all consenting adults will receive the shot by the end of june.

  • This is all dependent on the amount of doses that come in, and if the target delivery dates are met there will be a mass vaccination over the next few weeks.

  • He said that “We had to push a lot of the vaccine forward over the last week or two, to make sure we were getting as much of (it) in the fridge and freezer into arms as quickly as possible. So we have a little bit of a lull right now, that will pick up next week as more supplies become available.”


  • This St. Patty’s was successful with not only the amount of spirit, but it passed without major Covid 19 city violations. There was fear from London officials regarding the holiday after the recent outbreaks of house parties. All 26 restaurants that were checked on St. Patty’s day were following all of the regulations.
  • “I’m proud that, for the most part, Londoners celebrated St. Patrick’s Day responsibly, whether at home or in local pubs and restaurants,” Mayor Ed Holder said. “We are in the midst of a time when COVID-19 is not only present in London, but case numbers appear to be trending slightly higher.”

  • There was the highest case count of the month last Thursday with 28 new cases. The London police are still investigating some reports about large gatherings and noise with 48 complaints in total from the city.

  • “We’d much rather people partying loud than partying in large groups,” Dr. Chris Mackie, chief medical officer of health with the Middlesex-London Health Unit, said. “So from a COVID-19 perspective, [we’re] pretty happy.”

  • The deputy mayor also noted that it will take a week to see if this holiday was truly successful, when infections may role in.


  • Homelessness has been a plague in the city for decades. Now a small gesture from a Guelph resident will help make lives warmer for those out on the streets. 

  • The Salvation Army’s Centre of Hope shelter recently received a shipment of 15 jackets thanks to a fundraising campaign in Guelph.

  • These were no ordinary jackets though. Manufactured by the Empowerment Plan organization in the States, the Empwr Coat is a winter coat that also doubles up as a sleeping bag. 

  • The Salvation Army has described this coat as a life-saver as some destitutes cannot live in a shelter for various reasons. 

  • The coat is designed without zippers or buttons but instead uses velcro. And when not in use, it can be folded into a small bag with handles. 

  • In other local news

  • The recent rise of Asian hate Crimes in our country and across the world have spurred some Londoners to organize a rally. 

  • The Stop Asian Hate London is a peaceful vigil and rally for Asians in North America who have lost their lives to or have suffered from anti-Asian racism.

  • The rally will be held at Victoria Park on Friday the 26th from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. 

  • Social-distancing and face-coverings will be mandatory. 


  • Today will be sunny with a daytime high of 7 degrees and low of -4

  • Tomorrow there will be sunny with a high of 13 and low of -1. And on Sunday we will have day time highs close to 14 a low of 1

  • The warmest day we will see next week will be a high of 17 on Monday

  • Currently it is 7 degrees outside our studios and mostly cloudy.