National Mailer Radio Western

CHRW's National Mailer Program

The Music Department has been working hard on the CHRW National Mailer Program for London musicians putting out CDs. Three to four times a year CHRW will mail packages of qualifying CDs from local artists to the 50 stations who report their weekly playlists to the Earshot! Campus & Community charts.

CHRW National Mailer Advantages for London artists

  1. By sharing costs between local artists and CHRW, $50 is all it costs to send your CD across the country

  2. Participating artists are supplied with all stations' Music Director contact info to follow up with an email 2 weeks after mailout.


What We Need From You/Your Band

  1. Only professional appearing CDs will be accepted - i.e. with artwork; no burns with handscrawled label

  2. Only newly released CDs will be considered

  3. Your CD must have been accepted by CHRW for our on-air library

  4. Only independent artists will be considered - if your label would like to participate, the fee is $75

  5. You MUST supply CHRW with $50, and 50 copies of an one page artist bio, and 51 copies of your cd (an extra for our library!)

  6. We will consider including band promo items dependent upon shipping costs (for example band stickers would be no problem; band t-shirts would mean increased costs for that band).

  7. Once you have everything ready, bring it up to CHRW at Rm. 250 of the University Community Centre (UCC) on Western University campus between 10am-6pm

*please ensure your project applies before contacting the CHRW Music Director at 

** this does not guarantee airplay or any charting success on any station or national chart