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Submit Your Music to Radio Western

Thank you for your interest in submitting music for airplay on CHRW 94.9 FM!  No need to phone or email asking if you can submit music because everyone is welcome to do so. However, please note that we only need the following two items:


1. Your finished CD/LP with full artwork and liner notes. If this is not possible, the jewel case should clearly show the tracklist, album title, songwriting credits and record label info. A CD with a spine that displays the name of artist and album title is essential because it will increase the chances of your album being selected for airplay by a DJ.


Note: due to a high volume of submissions, we do not add CDs with less than four original tracks. However, local artists should please see the Digital Single Submission Guidelines below.


2. A one-sheet with a short bio, album tracklist, an indication of any songs that may include explicit language, recording credits, a website or email address, one or two short press quotes, and/or other relevant information. No need to send full-page band photos. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of a one sheet please see this example.


Members of the CHRW Music Department will listen to your submission after we receive it and decide if it will be added to the on-air library. If added, it will be categorized by genre and become available to our full roster of on-air DJs if they wish to play it. Typically new music submissions remain available for 4-6 months. Following its stay in the on-air library, music is moved to our main library where it remains available for play, but is no longer available for tracking or charting purposes.


Please allow a few weeks for the album to be received and processed. At that point you may email the CHRW Music Department via and you should receive a response in less than 48 hours.


Other Important Notes:


1. We cannot guarantee airplay as our music programmers ultimately decide the content of their programs, but most DJs welcome requests relevant to the focus of their particular radio show.


2.  Please do not mail your music to the homes of our programmers or give it to them in person with the hopes that it will reach the station. Music must be added to our music library in a physical format to become eligible for charting considerations. Appearing on local and national campus/community radio charts can play an important early role in an emerging musician's career, particularly when applying for music funding organizations (e.g FACTOR, The Canada Council for the Arts, etc.) or as milestones for inclusion in the press release promoting your next album.


3. Listen to the station or check out a few weeks of our charts to ensure that your music fits our format. 


If you wish to submit music to CHRW 94.9 FM, please drop it off at the station in person (Monday - Friday, between 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.) or mail it to:


CHRW 94.9 FM

Room 250, University Community Centre

Western University

London, Ontario, Canada

N6A 3K7


Digital Single Submission Guidelines for Western Students & Local Musicians:

Physical formats will always stand out and be given greater preference, but artists from the London, Ontario region, including Western students, may share albums, EP’s or digital singles with us through their Bandcamp page by providing a download code.

1. Please provide the Music Director with a link to your Bandcamp page where the album, EP or single track can be downloaded from the original WAV file in a variety of formats. In using a Bandcamp page it’s guaranteed that you’ve uploaded your music in WAV or similar lossless quality format and have added all applicable info, metadata, tagging, images and promotional items that may be required.

Please note:

- The single track submission service is only available to Western students and musicians from the greater London, Ontario region.

- Please do not share content that may infringe on the copyright laws. This may include cover songs or songs that include uncleared samples of music previously recorded by other artists.

- Do not email MP3s or other audio files to the CHRW Music Department.

A note on the exclusive use of Bandcamp for digital single submissions: Bandcamp provides a platform for artists or bands to distribute their music in a wholly professional, streamlined, and efficient way by guaranteeing high quality audio formats for download, affording the inclusion of all applicable and appropriate metadata, images, and promotional content, as well providing a means for direct payment from fans through PayPal. In providing all of these services, we believe that Bandcamp is the most accommodating platform for artists in submitting and sharing their music with CHRW and fans who wish to purchase the music.

Get started at

Digital Album Submissions for national and international musicians:

Due to the costs associated with manufacturing CDs, we only accept albums in digital format when receiving a physical copy is not an option and when our DJs express a demand to play it. In these scenarios, the following guidelines apply:

1. Please provide the Music Director with a link to a Bandcamp page or similar direct download platform or service where the album or EP can be downloaded from the original WAV file in a variety of formats.

2. If Bandcamp is not being used, please be sure to include all applicable info, metadata, tagging, images and promotional materials in addition to a lossless audio format such as WAV. Submissions sent without the necessary information and metadata will not be added to our library.

If you have questions about how to accomplish some of these tasks, a basic search online should reveal a number of tutorials.