Matt Reesor USC President


USC Student Elections 2020

Quinn Schneider

For the first time this election season, Matt Reesor was at a loss for words.

“I’m rarely short for words” Reesor said, “but I’m a little bit short for words now.”

Last night at 7:30pm, Reesor was announced the USC President for the 2020-2021 academic year. Even with a 22% voter turnout, Reesor was still able to capture 5,521 of the 7,407 votes. 

“The competition was so incredible” Reesor notes, almost breathlessly, seconds after his win was announced.

As the results were announced, he was surrounded by a cluster of friends, campaign supporters, and his parents, all adorned in Reesor red.

For Reesor, this campaign was a team effort. “I’m so proud of everyone” he said, “my team especially.”

No glass ceilings were broken this year. With four presidential candidates running, many were anticipating either a woman or person of colour to win, and represent voices on campus that may not have previously been heard. 

Yet, it's clear that as a social science councillor and the faculty’s head soph, Reesor has experience leading. Fellow running mate Aleesha Rehill explains, “He’s a great leader.” His four years of involvement with Western in various capacities will be an advantage when taking on this elite role.

Reesor’s campaign was extensive, and with a platform that encourages inclusivity, student safety, and big changes to Purple Fest, he has a big year ahead of him. 

But before any decisions are made, motions passed, or amendments announced, Reesor’s going to celebrate his win with family and friends.

“I kinda want to get a drink with my parents,” said the USC president elect.